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I am so disappointed and refuse to cheer or root for this garbage. The play calling is so morbid, the quarterback play is awful. This team has two great running backs, good tight ends, and a good receiver that can move the ball. The qb has to get rid of the ball. Dewayne Jarret is the best WR that doesn't play...not those rookies. They have exactly what they wanted.

The defense is also playing their hearts out, but the play calling is pretty bad. The D-line is bad as well. We are not built to have a four man rush...they are too small. We have to run more stunts and change things up. Carson has too much time. We look awful and are the worst team in the league, easily.


You are exactly right my friend. We are the worst team in the league. J. Richardson should give himself a big pat on the back.

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