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I couldn't agree more!! SIGN T.J. NOW!!!


at lease


If he can convince Hurney and Fox that his attitude will not be a distraction, then by all means grab him. His attitude will probably keep Panthers from popping on him. i.e. "one of the more outspoken players in the NFL and his constant statements about expecting to get more balls thrown his way have struck some people the wrong way. Carroll and Schneider are looking for team-first guys and might not have wanted Houshmandzadeh's approach rubbing off on young receivers".


I like it!


Do it. DO IT!


I'd buy the jersey! And he'd be great for us. As soon as I saw he was available, I was hopeful. That could be a steal. Praying the FO has some sense...


If the guy has his head on right and can accept he is the number 2 option here I say do it. Instant upgrade and I imagine the Panther faithful would be pretty excited. I know I would be.


as Gomer Pyle would say "SHAZAM". A thought just hit me. Pete Carroll like tall receivers that nobody else cares for. He coached Jarrett at So Cal. Let's trade him Jarrett for T.J. and everyone will be happy. Of course this would have to run through Steve Smith first, but if T.J. behave himself, let's pop on him.


Get Mr. Who'syourmamma on board! He would be a perfect compliment for Smitty!




this makes too much sense for dumbass Hurney to pull the trigger on! I can't help but get pissed off just thinking about it b/c I know for a fact we won't do this. We're in cheap-ass mode and gearing up for the lockout. As it stands, our offense is in desperate need of a legit #2. I think LaFell is that guy, but he needs time to develop. Hoosh would give him the time to develop and work as a #3. I don't know whey I'm even thinking about it........I hate you Hurney! Go back to sportswriting b/c you suck as a GM!!!


Intriguing possiblity.


I know the front office is trying to appear cheap, to prove a point but if we don't sign a guy like this at such a bargain price -- I don't know what to say!!!


Like Tom said "as little as $850,000, the veteran minimum". We pay Jarrett 1 million a year now. Three factors to consider- 1, who else needs a big time receiver and will outbid us- 2, would T.J. accept 850K- 3, would Panthers be convinced that he won't be another Terrell Owens.

Panther kid

Is whosyourmomma a better player than Meshawn? We cut him because he wasn't a team player. whosyourmomma won't be a fit and besides, even though it might be fairly cheap rent, we'd only be renting him temporarily.

Another loser idea by a loser sportswriter, and I use that term loosely!

adam carter

@ stickyd

You sound like a real dumbass. Mr. Richardson is going the cheap route, not Hurney you idiot.

Maybe if Richardson wasn't conservative for spending, they would have resigned Beason, Williams and others players with expiring contracts.

As much this whiny ass fan base complains about overpaying player in FA or resigning their own players. Now they are waiting for players to produce to get new contracts.

TJ is a #3 WR at best.


get him!

Terrance Thomas

It could be the difference between 4-12 and 10-6.
Jarrett for T.J. Housh, it gives LaFell and Edwards time to develop.


He just got cut, Get on the phone Panthers!!!!


I just really, really wanted to believe/have faith that A. Edwards would be worth next year's 2nd rd. pick, but it simply looks to be Hurney's worst reaches yet...I'm glad that Edwards will diversify his talents and maybe prove to be a pretty good Panther, but worth a 2nd rd. DT/OL next year? No...Hurney can make up with it considerably by having TJ on the team this year and maybe next...BUT, I don't think it will happen because, truthfully, I just don't think Hurney/Fox/ownership think this year is a "go for the Super Bowl" year, I really don't...


Go get him Jerry and Marty!!! this will pay for itself in ticket sales.


ESPN just reported Houshmandzadeh was cut this afternoon from Seattle. This is in our lap. Sign him!


@adam carter, you're a fucking idiot! Hoosh is better than a #3. Richardson spent 16 million on Peppers last year. If you don't think Hurney still makes these types of player personnel decision, then your fucking stupid! That's Hurney's job. Do you honestly think Richardson has tells Hurney "Hey don't go out and sign a guy that could help us reach the playoffs b/c we don't want to pay him 3 million a year"? Go back to your hole you fucking troll!


Sign Housh now!! Our other WRs besides Smitty can't catch or are simply not ready like LaFell. STOP BEING CHEAP JERRY AND DO SOMETHING!


we gotta make a move to help smitty out if we get tj you double team smitty you will pay tj and ocho did work in Cincinatti. and he is cheap make a move get him here he will help let brandon and jarrett battle for the numba 3 spot lets go panthers look alive

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