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Until Otah gets back there's no way we'll provide adequate protection. And then we're one injury from being right back where we started. Fiametta is not getting it done blocking either. I think Hoov could come back this Sunday and do a better job. We're also two or three players on defense from being good there. The Panthers would've gotten smeared today if Palmer were any good. So yeah thanks, Jerry Richardson. I hate to admit the naysayers were right, but we may only win 2, 4 games max.


This team is now an old school exspansion team. When Jacksonvile and Carolina came into the league both teams were spoiled by bonuses not given to other exspansion teams before or after that time. Both franchises found success early but without consistency. In the dark ages exspansion teams consiste dof rookie and cast-offs, not veteran free agents who still had a "little in the tank". Sooooo maybe the management of the Panthers never had to live through 5-10-even 15 years of building a tradition of winning. Carolina Panthers history is a terriffic season every so often and wishful thinking the rest of the time. Sure we have talent but the team only falls in sync every three or four years.
I wonder who will become the next Panthers' coach????? a brave he must be.......


I've read and posted alot on these blogs and stories. But that post by sirpurr is the most telling. We've never had years of waiting and the growing pains of an expansion franchise. We've had immediate success and this fanbase has been spoiled as a result. The truth is, if any franchise got so good, so quickly, you'd expect the same thing to happen. That being said, this is the most drastic change this franchise has gone through and like any team, they are going to struggle. That immediate resolution that us Panthers fans are used to may not happen and this change, coupled with outside forces like the economic climate has exacerbated everything. This team is setting themselves to be consistently good. No more up and down. But we'll have to get through this growing pain of a season. Be patient, Panther nation. Yes, this season will be long. This team is young. And whether or not you support the Front Office or coaching staff, support the players.

This test is greater than the 1-15 season. Lets see if we can make it through. Go Panthers.


I'll be in NO for the game next week...flying in Thur. Can't wait for some good jazz, gumbo, red beans and rice, boudin, and hurricanes. Oh yeah...and the ummm..."game"...yeaahhh.

You're right Tom, NO is fantastic this time of year. Gotta love that city!


I've grown to hate the cliche "It is what it is." but Jerry Richardson mandated an almost top to bottom purge of veterans & their respective salaries. As a result, this is the football product we're left with.

Tampa did the same thing last season, and they're now further along in the rebuilding process than Carolina is. No one will ever make me believe that Tampa beat Carolina last week because Raheem Morris is a better head coach than John Fox is!

I'm also not ready to say that Fox has given up on this team... as a player's coach I simply don't believe it's in his temperament to do so.

Let's face it... it's going to be a long & difficult season. My sense is that we'll slowly improve as the season wears on, and we may actually sneak by a few teams in some trap games if we're lucky. Realistically, we're probably looking at something like 2-14 or 3-13. Next season (if there is one) will be better, and the season after that will be better yet.

This team's fan base needs to embrace the reality of the Panther's situation & come to terms with the bigger picture. This team will definitely be a playoff team again... in 2012 or 2013.

A Frustrated Fan

Whatever man. Mike Vick spit in the faces of Charlotte again. Hey, at least the Panthers have their morals because they darn sure are not getting another crack at Vick. He has a team now.


It's simple replace Jeff Davidson.
His play calling is god awful.

That's it, every drive goes the same way until the team is down by two or more scores with 10 minutes left at which point Davidson decides to start throwing screens and slant routes that he should be throwing early to help the running game.

Jeff Davidson is a useless fat ass sack of crap.


Put AE out there somewhere and see if he can make a play. He's a 3rd round pick for Gods sake. Jersey, helmet, play ball. If he can't play then we will move on.


No, the Panthers are not good. Their lines
(both offense and defense) are weak. We've got to have a pass rush from the middle. Which tackle will step up? We'll have our moments, and I don't think there is a lack of effort.

I see 4 wins, 5 at the most.


Davidson is calling the plays Fox allows, same as all the coordinators before him. Don't you guys recognize that this is the same play-action passing games Fox brought with him from the Giants and we have been looking at for 9 years now.

Let's run some wildcat while we are still in a game and take it out of the QB's inept hands. No can't do it, wouldn't be part of the Fox system that has to be adhered to every week regardless of the results on the field.


I'm glad to see many of you realize this will be a year of rebuilding. I don't see the Panthers winning more then two games at this point, but they do surprise you now and then. Hopefully the housecleaning will continue at seasons end with Fox , Hurney and Davidson getting the axe.


Jeff Davidson draws up the game plan and calls the plays. Clausen threw one pass in the first quarter. There is no excuse for Steve Smith not getting the ball until the fourth quarter. Smitty is going to blow up soon and rightly so.

Crisl Ball

CBS Shannon "20/20 hindsite go with the winner" Sharpe big mouthed idiot as usual showing his ignorance that only Smith has talent his typical stupidity. Peppers? Screw him. He sucked for 2 straight yrs. Good riddence.

Look for The Big Sleazy to lose two in a row as the Panthers finally kick a little bit of azz next week to shut idiot spout off Sharpes mouths of the world up.

Losing SUX AZZ for real.


Why not play every rookie and youngster we have to see what they have - if this truly is a rebuilding year.

Even if we go 2-14, the only way this is a wasted year is if we don't find out what talent these young guys have.

If LB Williams is hurt, then give a young guy a shot (like Norwood - who cost a draft pick) to see if there's something there for the future.


you hit it right on the head Pman....then at least we could root for the continued improvement and see a team evolve


Pman...what vets? We are the youngest team in the league. We purged veterans from a mediocre team last year. Settle in for some growing pains over the next couple of years.

jay Himes

Ive been a long term fan. I would be okay if this was a true rebuilding year, but how do you rebuild without a coaching staff. So next year new coach new philosophy and more new players to fit the new style. This is a wasted year


we honestly just need to get rid of davidson. Fox is a solid coach. its absoulutely ridiculous watching davidson's game plans play out every sunday. We have some good young players in clausen, hardy, lafell and in someone who has surprised me, david gettis!*not to mention connor, beason, godfrey, martin, E.brown- all still very young) We just have to let these players learn through trial by fire. Every team goes through this eventually, but the pansy fans that make up most of our fan bases(sadly) dont understand that. there are things to be excited about, small things, but take it for what it is and just cheer for these guys.

John Weems

Will we be favored in a single game this year?

I will always be a fan and watch the games. The Panthers are the only team broadcast into my area consistently. Really not much choice.

The finish last year in the late season made me beloeve we were on our way and I couldn't wait ti see how the new talent strengthened the club.

What really happened????

John Weems

Help me.

Where is the lack of talent I see being discussed.

We have thee excellent running backs.

We have an offensive line that was highly ranked last year and returned intact this year.

I miss Harris but the defensive backfield should be pretty good.

The defensive line was suspect but had a great preseason and still looks as if they can compete.

How is it that we are viewed as being overwhelmed with superior talent.


Jeff Davidson; please just leave and don't look back!!! Go back to Cleveland or find a high school somewhere on the west coast. My 10 year old can make better play calling than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


JeffLamp: nice to see another AE fan.... I really think this is the time to start trying some new things. Expectations being relatively low, I doubt most folks would have a problem with a little experimentation. Break out the Mountaineer! At least dress the player you traded up to draft! He showed he can have an impact (yeah, good and bad) in the preseason.... I say give him a shot and let him run the no-huddle spread option he ran at App. It would still involve our rb duo and give the defense a third rushing threat to worry about, which would almost have to open up the passing game a bit.

ronald t.

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I didn't buy season tickets to watch a rookie QB all year - even I can predict the offensive play calling. This has the potential to be a very painful year.


Speaking of Fox as usual Whitlock tells it like it is. Take note.

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