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I think Gettis will be that young guy to step up....he was wide open down the field early in the game and Matt just missed him. But he's going to be special.


Gettis was open at times, but Armanti Edwards is the guy that's going to make a difference. They've GOT to get him active this week. He's a difference maker and a winner... GET HIM ON THE FIELD.


Why not let Edwards get on the field. It is obvious the Panthers' coaching staff want to go with the young guys, let them learn on the job, and have little confidence in Dwayne Jarrett, so it makes sense to get Edwards in there also to learn on the job.

adam carter


Well the announcers and some fans clearly stated that Gettis had stop running full speed for the ball? Even after the game he stated, he didn't finish his route. That he needs to study the playbook more.

I don't know how nobody can't tell? But Moore threw a good pass. Smith and Dante R dropped decent to good passes, but hey knowing this fan base in general its all Moore fault.


I still like Moore best but let's see what the new kid can do? If he screws up then go back to Moore!

adam carter


If Clausen plays like he isn't ready, the bashers will ask for Pike or Edwards. After 2 games, they wouldn't want to see Moore back in the game.


Exactly! Panthers cannot afford to emerge a month from now. Taking into consideration that our friendly NFC South opponents who simply cannot find a way to loose, we must find a way to win now! If that includes throwing rookie QB Jimmy Clausen under the bus, so be it. The playoff hunt is running short, especially when you're two games behind in the conference. If the almighty Panthers cannot find a win by week five, I would start thinking about the draft...if you know what I mean.


The problem with Moore is the fact he has the same sickness Delhomme had. Both QBs are looking at Steve Smith as their savior. The pick by R. Barber was evident of it. Watch the video and see Smith is covered by two with Barber lurking out of Moore's view. Moore missed that Gettis slipped passed those defenders and was open for the first down. He instead throws an easy pick for R. Barber. Watch the last year's games and see that when Moore spreads the ball around he was solid and it opened up big plays for Smith. Another thing, the play calling doesnt help either. We have two elusive backs (D.Williams and M. Goodson) get these guys the ball out in space and they can make things happen. This will make defenses back off, allowing running room for the "human bowling ball" J. Stewart. Second thing, you have Jarrett. He has this tall lanky body and big hands to bring down balls. Let him go up for some and earn his pay. He isnt going to go for big chunks bc he doesnt have the speed, but he can move the chains. This is the Carolinas where weekends are holy during the fall and winter bc of football season. The fans deserve a winning PRO team! Its time for these guys to get it together. I'm tired of defending the worth of my Carolina Panthers.


So Joe Flacco, a guy most would say is pretty good at QB, got destroyed by the team we play next. He looked Jake like. What do you think they are going to do to the first time starter? Especially when everyone in the stadium knows exactly what we are going to do? And our O line plays like a revolving door? Moore made mistakes but I think the biggest mistake we made this year was not replacing the O coordinator at a minimum. Maybe the QB coach as well. Maybe the next ones will actually come from winning teams.


All I know is if your going to stick with Clausen, then stick with him. It'd be crazy to switch from Qbs everytime something goes wrong. In the end none of these Quarterbacks would benefit from it.


@ohn 9:24am...Our biggest mistake is that Richardson kept Fox around this long, he has had, what, 3 winning seasons out of 8 (possibly 9 if these season doesnt get better)? We need to do like the Saints and Ravens did, go find a young and upcoming Coordinator and replace Fox asap.

Toby Birk

Bad Bad Bad..You are all right... It's going to be a long year for us Panthers Fans..Why do all our QB's end up being mental cases? From Collins to Moore, they all look like domestic violence victims battered in a corner crying... We should have picked up Vick when we had the chance ... Time Served, forgive and forget...


the folks who think Armanti Edwards is the solution this week at WR are crazy! I agree I'd like to see him succeed b/c it opens up opportunities for trick plays, wildcat, etc. but no way is he even close to ready to play now.

Just b/c he led your school to multiple div-II titles as QB does not make him an NFL WR. He is a project and it will take time (still don't understand why we took a "project" so high and gave up a future pick when we have so many other needs)

Oh yeah, and no way in he!! was Jake our best QB ever.

Nosebleed fan

What I learned from Game 2:

Do not roll the QB to one side. Zero completions.
Practice throwing the deep ball. It will always be 1 on 1 coverage with 8-9 in the box.
Spread the field more. Too many bunched up formations with nowhere to run. Get 34 and 28 out in space.
and finally...
Jimmy, it is white jersey day vs Cincinnati.


Like Adam said, there were a few passes from Moore that could/should have been caught. If those plays were made the game would have gone a different direction. The Panthers just had a streak of bad luck. You know its bad luck when Smith has a ball in his hands & misses it. All they need is a little time to gel & they will be ok. While i dont agree that Clausen should start over Moore, i respect Fox & will root for Clausen this week to lead the team to victory. If Clausen is half as good as people predict, he will do fine & earn his spot as the leader of the team.

WRs please stand up

app fans are delusional.

i am not a hater, i am a realist. and edwards is a project. in 2-3 years, he could be a real contributor, so i am not writing him off long term, but as the article states, someone has to step up...now.

it has to be gettis.

Chris Brown

Clausen has been working on his timing for months now with primarly non starters. The new young talent we have at receiver positions are unknowns, but more in tune with Jimmy. Goodson looked good catching and running. This timming they have developed together could be a positive factor as we reinvent ourselves and move forward.


I feel for Moore but the coaching didnt do him any favors with the playcalling, and the ownership didnt do him any favors by not getting him some veteran help. He is surrounded by a LOT of young players who are going to make mistakes. He will bounce back I am sure.

I dont know why no one is saying it but our play from the TEs has been horrible, none of them are hanging onto any passes and King AND Rosario have both missed some pretty big blocks to open up running and receiving routes in the last two games. We have to step it up there.

r j

I felt bad for Moore,too, until I realized he is making $3 mill plus this year! He will be fine!


Our unseasoned fans are like a middle school kid who can't make up their mind about a boyfriend or girlfriend. They really are pitiful. John Fox will be offered any and all head coach jobs that come open. Maybe he won't be hear, and I'm sure he's tired of the fans here and wouldn't resign if asked. I wish him well as the Giants new coach.


I agree with you Mr Bernz! But let the rookie play and see if he does any better. What is everyone going to ask for if Clausen loses the next two games, Pike? C'mon man, get real! These guys don't have enough pro experience, they'll be like Siefert said when talking about that "deer in the headlight look." (Or was it Wildebeasts?) I would have stuck with Moore for two more games to give him time to settle down a bit and hopefully get some momentum going with other receivers besides Smith. We just have to have someone step up now. I also think we need to tell Jeff D that there is a play called a "screen", use them when the defense is aggressive. Watch the plays by TB, there were times when no one was blocking the players that were getting sacks, they were running free like wildfire. That crap has to stop...I don't care who's in there, if no one is blocking for you, you're going to get sacked. Ask Brett Favre about it the past few games. I watched Moore last year, he can be right up there with the other veteran QBs, we just have to give him the confidence to get his mojo back. Get another WR, veteran or not, we need one now! I'd even go as far as to say to get Rasario to be a Wideout than a TE. JMHO


"It is what it is"


I Like Matt Moore but it is clear he has lost his confidence.He did not loose it during the Tampa game,nor did he lose it during the Giants game though that might have been the straw that broke the camels back.Matt began to lose his confidence during the Titans preseason game. I guess all the talk about the stagnant offense really got to him.You could see the disappointment in his eyes and his jestures when he missed a pass or got picked.These things he did not do last year. If you don't believe me go look at the preseason games especially Jets and Titans games.


Jimmy's turn...Everbody gets a chance. Here's what we know about these 2010 Panthers. Something is lacking. Some think its the Owner,the GM,the Coach,the OC,the DC maybe the Players. We truly have no true QB option and Clausen is the last chance in 2010. The GREAT part about this is us die hard Panther Fans will know before halftime if young Jimmy is FINALLY the QB we are desperately in need of.(I still can't believe we used Testerverde..and he atleast won a game or 2.)If Jimmy, becomes scared, starts seeing 14 DBs or just completeing Fs diss up. We will officially know that the most fun we'll have is....Watching Big Cat JR burn this mickey fickey down. New GM, New Coach,STAFF and a couple new FA pros.I do wish Clausen well he may have the magic.

Go Panthers!!!!!!

Toby Birk

Right on BangBus ... Go Panthers !!!

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