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My Atlanta experience: I lived there for 8 years. (02'-10') It's simply put another urban "ghetto heaven mixed with a lot of old fashion well justified white racism. I have never in my entire life felt so ashame of being black in this so-called black mecca. These so-called black professionals have lost their collective minds! I live for the day that the good ole' boys rain this city back in order!!!!!


I know what you mean. I left Charlotte and moved to Atlanta because I wanted to get away from my ex-wife. I hated Atlanta. The only thing I liked about Atlanta is they have the best and most effecient DMV I have ever expereinced. In and out no wait at all. That is it! My wife is from Toronto, so I am living in Toronto now. Even though Toronto is much bigger in size than Charlotte we both love Charlotte.

j merrow

Queen city is a hick town with zero culture and class. ATL is a world-class city with diversity and there is always something to do.

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