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The best thing about your articles is that I don't have to read them. Chalk it up: No more time will be wasted on your remedial drivel.

barry wade

How long did you spend writing that article.


What a dump! That's sad too, when the hotel was the highlight of the trip, haha.

John W.

Setup, punch. Nice one. Even if nobody else says so.

309-18, 1-2

Ben, Barry, you are reading a blog...not a break down of the game. Maybe you are New Jersey transplants


What, the Observer is too cheap to set you up somewheres better than a Red Roof Inn?

Darin is an idiot

Maybe if the oberver didn waste thier money sending several reporters to Tampa to slurp all over Jake you could have gotten a nicer hotel.


In a world of tweets and rapid reports, this is a novel. Want more, buy a paper.

Tired of Clueless Reporters

Which "fleabag" hotel are you dumping on: the Renaissance? Sheraton Conference Ctr? Marriott? Embassy Suites?

Taking a pretty cheap crack on NJ with this little nugget of your prose.

Maybe if you become a good reporter and work for a quality outfit, you might get to stay at the "big boy" hotels.

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