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Due to the fact that there were problems in NY in the locker room, I think the NFL should not let any media, men or women, in the player's private sanctuary. If you want to talk to the players then go to the "media room" and ask for the player you wish to talk to or go outside of the stadium and catch them on the run like they do with congress.

Too bad one person can ruin it for the rest but with today's sue happy society, those rules should be in place by the NFL.


Bitten, so when there are problems, you buckle and give in just in case. I think TS should sue you for your comments.


I agree with Cobrabitn. Why does anyone need to go and have a conversation in the bathroom (that is what the locker room really is). Most people, outside of military folk that lived in WWII barracks, aren't used to talking at all in public bathrooms. Why do we pay people to go into the toilet of the NFL and have conversation?

Not Minding My Own Business

Dumb Question - Do male reporters have the same access to female sports locker rooms? Did the male Charlotte Observer reporters have a similar access to the WNBA Sting when they were in town.? In my humble opinion, all locker rooms should be off limits to all reporters, but no one cares what I think anyways.

This Ines Sainz story...I feel there might be a bit of a double standard remaining untold here. I remember when NOW (National Organization Women) was picketing Hootie & Augusta National a few years ago over the lack of female club members. A friend of mind took the NOW Mission Statement and substituted the word “men” instead of women…Took his refined statement to some of the diehard picketers and read it to them. He was pretty called every name in the book with “sexist” being one of the kind ones. For the record, I do not condone heathen cat calls and any other inappropriate behavior by anyone…athletes, construction workers, or just bums on the street.

Tom, what the real story on locker room access?


Broads never should have been allowed in there in the first place.


Not Minding My Own Business:
Yes, men are allowed in the WNBA locker rooms. I worked for the PR group for the Sting and did my share of locker-room interviews for the nightly quote sheets that got sent to the wire services.

Nothing sexy about it, although I did verify that Lauren Jackson is, indeed, hot.


@notmindingmyownbusiness...excellent point! There are a lot of double standards out there. Minority rules, majority drools. Except women outnumber men, so why are they considered a minority that has to be catered to? Let men in the WNBA locker room (bathroom actually, yes)...fair is fair.

female reporter in the QC

Clearly this was raunch. This cat calling by these overgrown overpaid slob overrated rogues and the NFL who is playing it down. One player was in the shower and naked called her over exposing himself. Sickening piece of trash. This 2009 Miss Spain tv reporter was clearly violated sexually and verbally harrassed by these thugz.

This is a job for Congress to go in and put these thugz and the NFL in its place in front of the world in humility and get to the bottom of this so it never happens again.

Disgraceful shameful and a stain on America and the NFL.



Whether Tom sues me for my comments or not, I am still entitled to my opinion. Speaking from experience, why put yourself (NFL) in a compromising position when you don't have to? I'm not going to stoop to your level so I'll just stick with my original comments, locker rooms should be off limits to anyone including the media. Get the guys on camera when they are dressed just like when they interview and other players in the hallways. I stick to my original statements.


That was interview Fox in the hallways to clarify...


The locker room should be off limits to ALL reporters, PERIOD. Have a room right outside the locker room, like a house has a "mud room" and wait there for whoever wants to talk. When people are naked that's not a "public" place - and a reporter, in that case, is not part of the team - he's part of the "public". The wives of NFL players complained about this before and they are 100% right.


TO: Posted by: female reporter in the QC | September 16, 2010 at 09:10 AM ...
You should try using some facts before you spew nonsense like that. For 1, The reporter said she wasnt complaining to anyone, that the Jets didnt really do anything that bad, so i doubt anyone in the shower called her over to them. For 2, She isnt the same person as the 2009 miss Spain, she also said that in an interview. You are a shoddy reporter. Go see the interview with her at



Speculation she was quickly paid off hush bucks from the league or Jets since her witness heard explicit derog comments and saw other illegal activity so that may explain her sudden change of mind. Def a gold digger though.


Where are you getting the "other illegal activity" stuff from? I havent heard or read about anything illegal.


All I know is D. Jarret is the best WR the Panthers has! He is on his way to the probowl this year. After last weeks 40 yrd. day, he only needs 1153 more yrds. and 11 TD's!!!

bt express


Former Miss Spain asked for it.


BT Express, In the clip i provided she says she isnt the same person as the Miss Spain model & she said she has never posed nude for any pics. Either the woman in your clip is wrong about both things or Ines is lying.

kyle hollywood

Miss Spain got a big payoff from the NFL front office and the Jets are getting their chops busted.

Eddie Haskell


On another note just more reason to hate the Aints. Yea OK anything you say Bush ... sure buddy ... we were just born yesterday ...

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