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Like John Fox coaching the panthers. You have 14 more chances left to see him.....


Steve Smith breaks arm again


I thought the same thing in the last shot of seeing Smith walk off the field. His arm looked as if it could be broken again.


Should have asked Gaga to stay in town and QB.


This was arguably the easiest game on the schedule and we were never in it. If you look at the roster there is no logical reason to say that this won't be the worst and last of the Fox era.


I'd say your overreacting a little, Tom..


Xrays negative on Smiths arm


I also think that Steve Smith has broken his arm again. Just when you taught it couldn't get much worse!


You people need to wake up and realize the Bucs aren't an easy game. The Panthers got beat down by a young, talented team.


heelfan: source?

John W.

Was that intercepted ball not tipped?

adam carter


The XRays were negative, Smith is okay.




Really, Clausen imploded? Right now, Carolina is a terrible football team, but the writers who report on them are just as bad. I suppose that writers are trained to jump on every negative play in order to create a headline, but to write that Clausen imploded?
I agree, the Panthers are pretty bad, it's becoming more clear with every passing week.
It's also becoming obvious that Fox's style of football is no longer effective in the NFL, although I'm not sure any style would be with this team at this point.
The defense plays beautifully on every down but third down, on third down they become a different team.
Fox has 3 winning seasons in 8 years, at the end of this year it will be 3 in 9 years. I can't figure out with those numbers why so many consider him so good.

Human Being

Start the pickle! Vlasic..I mean classic football at its best.


Selling my tickets this year and seat license after the season. I've always been a solid fan but I just wont pay $2000 per season anymore... just not worth it to see a year after year, mediocre team at best

Tired of Clueless Reporters

Sorensen's a lame excuse for a sports reporter, even in a podunk professional team city like Charlotte. He shows us regularly how little he knows about Nascar. Now he reports crap like Clausen imploding? Wow! Great work! Imagine if the Observer had reporters with a clue. Maybe some fans would want to go watch the teams.


Imploded? The snap was fired at his ankles and the interception was a tipped ball. C'mon Tom, you can do better than that. We actually had life when Clausen was in there!


The ball was high, and hard, but it may have been intended for the TE up the field.


I don't see how they don't start Clausen next week. They just put the last nail in Moore confidence if he were to start he'd play while looking for the hook. Never good. I think it was a mistake. Clausen wasn't going to win it and every QB has to learn to work through tough times. Now that won't happen and I don't think Clausen is ready yet. We may ruin two QBs this season.


Keep Clausen on the bench or the rest of the season. Let's just all admit this is a rebuilding season, let Moore play out the string, and get a new coaching staff to start the Clausen era next year.


You get what you pay for. Richardson didn't want to pay anybody who could play a lick and now they can't win against a young Tampa team at home. If you don't want to pay anyone forfeit all the games and cut everybody it was be less painful than the garbage on the field.


Moore imploded were is that critique

Big Kev

Tom is an idiot, the ball was tipped! What a tool! You should pay more attention to how bad the secondary sucks instead of suggesting the loss was b/c of a tipped pass! Dumb tool!


anyone complain how hard Farve throws the ball or Jim Kelly?

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