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The light came on for Gettis and Fell today,
and Matt Moore was first rate. I hope Otah gets back soon and Davis too, so long as he doesn't come back too soon. I was for the most part pleasantly surprised today.


LaFell I meant. Typo

Michael Procton

Yeah, Moore was great. Particularly his awesome decision-making on that Pop Warner INT.


Well Moore still hasn't started a full season so you are going to get some mental errors. Still he had a rating of 96.4. Yeah that's pretty good.

Albert Sheffey

Matt Moore baby I never stoped believing, Keep the haters and awe Matt, and maybe they will shut their mouths

Albert Sheffey

in awe I meant, typo


The Moore interception was in part due to bad play calling and bad protection scheme, Jeff King was asked to block a rush OLB solo as the protection slid away from him on a quasi screen. King, a TE, should never be put in a position to pass protect versus a rusher with no hot or quick reads, as in this slow developing quasi screen (which on screens we were like 5 plays for minus 6 yards, can we ditch these now until the new staff arrives and knows how to coach them), so Moore was rushed, and yes made a bad play, but football is more than a one man game, and this Moore at least rebounded with some good throws

Darin is an idiot

Too bad it was only against SF. Any other team (except Buffalo) Gettis, Lafell, and moore wouldnt have had much success.


Darin is an idiot . . is a moron, wait, no that's moronic fanbase.

It is so sad that when you look for intelligent comments on these boards that you have to sort through the garbage posted by these individuals with the brain power and common sense of a pre-pubescent teen still trying to get attention because the girls won't give him the time of day. It might be funny but instead it is pathetic!


Funny to read all these insane posters all happy about beating what may be the only team worse than ours in the NFL, and it took their 1st string QB getting knocked out to do that. LOL

Trade Smitty now, he deserves it.

Back to Earth next week


Darin is an idiot


Its obvious that you are feeling very insecure about your favorite football team. You're probably trying to convince yourself that beating the 49ers today is almost as good as beating one of the 49er teams of the 80s because you dont want to admit that the panthers barely beat a weak team that is slightly worse than them.

Jake Delhomme

Has anyone noticed "seenthisb4" is nowhere to be found on these posts? His wonderful 'aints aren't so wonderful as b4, because his team is only average when Brees is not playing well. Now if the rest of you haters would just go hate someplace else...don't you have a life otherwise? You have no credibility here. You merely waste your own time.

Darin is an idiot

Your username is Jake Delhomme. Now who has no credibility?


Sadly Darin is an idiot, you can't see the positives out of this game(or anything the Panthers do) That quite possibly the bye gave our young receivers time to digest the first 5 games. While you may be right that is just a mirage and the Panthers might fall back to stone hands and show no ability to get open. But since this is a Panther Page most of us believe that our young receiving corps has turned the corner and will now start to show that this team can compete with anyone. ANYONE!!!!!

So do me a favor (not that I expect it) take your Panther hatred back to N.O. or Atl or where ever the Freak (explicted edited) you come from and leave this forum to real Panther fans.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know you don't have to be positive to be a fan but over the time period I have been reading this page YOU have NEVER said anything positive so that makes you a HATER and a NON-FAN of the Panthers.

Get a Life... HATER!!!!!!!!

Dissappointed... in these "fans"

To Go Bobcats,
You obviously dont follow the NFL much. The trade deadline has come and gone and Smitty is still in blue... Any legit NFL fan would know that. Therefore we can go ahead and disregard the rest of your post as you clearly have no clue about football.

To Darin Is an Idiot,
You continously post on these forums your inflammatory, abusive and ignorant "opinions" about the Panthers and it truely shows that in truth, you cannot call yourself a fan. If you are alright with that, so am I. Dont, however, come on here and pretend to care about the sport or the team and then spout off about things you clearly dont understand. For example, the 49ers are a relatively good team who have lost tough games consistently. Outside the quarterback position they have one of the best offenses in the NFC. You put any of the better than mediocre QBs in that system and they'd be nigh unstoppable. Kinda similar to a couple of our teams over the years. They also have a very strong defense. Not top 10 by any means, but definitely not a bottom 10 either. They have grit, they have moxy and they've lost very close games to some very good teams... So yeah, the win on Sunday actually did mean something. It meants that the Panthers were able to produce on offense against a strong defense. Does it mean that we've arrived? No... but it does mean we're capable of performing above the level that we operated at for the first 5 weeks. The difference was an above par performance from Matt Moore. He would have been able to make the same plays against most of the teams in the NFL. As for LaFell and Gettis, well when the ball is delivered on time and to the right spot, it gives them a chance to actually get to it.
I hope you've enjoyed your perspective lesson today, and I hope that you listened... I doubt it but I also believe the Panthers could make it to 7-9 this year, so anything is possible

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