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How interesting is it to watch cars drive around in a circle?

frank betts

So, is it a sport? Thanks Tim Newman for this colossal waste of tax money.

Shakti Subramanian

I've had it with NASCAR ! NASCAR is boring and I even gave NASCAR officials two brilliant ideas that would have drawn in more viewers.

Watching drivers go in a continuous circle trying to get in front of one another is NOT entertainment. I see that soprt of driving on I-77 everyday.

If Mr. Sorensen so desires I will be more than happy to give him an interview and my ideas for making NASCAR more profitable.

2 cents

NASCAR is dead, and has been for years. It's not exciting or entertaining in the least. If you wanna watch some good fun racing, check out some World of Outlaws or Dirt late Models. F1 qualifying is about as exciting as it gets on pavement. Their knockout style format is amazing.

Haywood Jablome

NASCAR is not a sport, it is one small step above wrestling: the outcomes are not determined, but manipulation is rampant. Where else do you change the rules of the game as you go along, pay people to circle one lap & park their car and reward past 'champs' with guaranteed $ and spots. It's like giving the Dolphins a playoff spot this year b/c they won the Super Bowl in 1972. NASCAR will NEVER se $1 from me...


So, I see everyone talks crap about NASCAR but can't post a real name.
NASCAR IS a SPORT...lets see some of you loud mouths get in one of those cars and do it.
If you don't like racing, don't watch!
Sure beats men in tights running around for 3 seconds at a time
F1...Now there is a controled enviroment if I ever saw one. Team owner telling a team mate to move over and let someone else win, now thats racing...NOT!!


As an ex-NASCAR wife, I had the inside knowledge of what goes on....Haywood is 100% accurate! Sorry!

Haywood Jablome

Sorry Rich...the only way NASCAR ever makes money again is to force the drivers to carry moonshine in their cars and deliver them after the race. And for your information I have driven one of those cars at 150 mph...it's a skill (like bowling) not an athletic ability. I don't see any 50 year olds playing MLB, NFL, NBA, Soccer or Tennis. Hey EX...I bet your hot !!!


The main problem with NASCAR, as others have already stated, is that it is boring. Not only is it boring, but all the changes that have been made recently alienated the dedicated fan base who loved such a boring sport.

Despite the so-called "have at it boys" proclamation, NASCAR is filled with a bunch of dorky, clean-cut, PR-influenced carbon copies of drivers. Little to nothing sets one apart from the other, just like the cars. Now we've got both stock cars and stock drivers. Gone are the days of the Intimidator, and we're left with Dale Jr, who, despite huge popularity inherited from his father and a quality team, can't manage to find victory lane. Looooooong gone are the days where a stock car was (gasp) actually a modified car you could find at your local dealership! Part of the mystique and thrill was the knowledge that you could do the same thing to the car in your driveway that your "hero" did to his. Now they're just homologated pieces of boring.

In NASCAR's desire to expand so forcibly, thinking that their star would rise ad infinitum, they pushed themselves into markets that were non-traditional to the sport. Those markets are wholly fickle, and, as soon as the newness wore off, so did the interest and, subsequently, the attendance. It doesn't help that the tracks built in these new locales are excruciatingly boring as well. All are speedways cut from the same cloth as Charlotte or Atlanta. Did we get another track similar to Bristol? Nope. Did we get an (God forbid) additional road course? Nope. We got a heaping spoonful of more of the same. Now, not only do we have stock cars and stock drivers, we have stock tracks. Yawn, yawn and double-yawn.

Fixing NASCAR will not be easy. It's doable for sure, but it will require drastic measures that will need to accomplish multiple feats at the same time: avoid upsetting existing *yawn* drivers, avoid upsetting existing *yawn* track-owners, avoid upsetting team owners, avoid displacing the control-freak France family and avoid upsetting whatever fans are still following the sport.

Here is how to fix NASCAR:

1) Limit teams to 2 cars. This will encourage innovation and competition, as well as enable the "little guy" to have a shot. Variety is the spice of life and current NASCAR has slim to none.

2) Shorten the season. Why bother tuning in this week when it's going to be on for another six months?

3) Eliminate repetitive boring tracks. Do we really need similar tracks like Kansas, Chicago, California, Texas and Las Vegas? Nope. Either change something about them to make them interesting or take them off the schedule.

4) Use multiple configurations of tracks. Do we really need to see them run Daytona twice? It is important to keep the 500 at Daytona for its historical significance, but the second race (if one remains) should be the Rolex course. Same goes for any other track with multiple configurations: PUT THEM TO USE!

5) City races. Among the neatest things about F1 and Aussie V8 Supercar series are that they get to race on city streets. For markets with boring tracks (Chicago, Las Vegas, California, etc), I think making those locations city races would excite the community and encourage viewers to tune in. Can you imagine big, heavy stock cars pounding down the Las Vegas strip?

6) Spice up the drivers. I know this really isn't NASCAR's responsibility to fix, or that they have the ability to. Their "have at it boys" statement didn't create much drama, but NASCAR needs a villain - someone who isn't controlled by PR, is competitive, and doesn't look like every other driver.

7) The cars. They are obscenely boring and bear no resemblance (aside from stickers and badging) to their actual stock counterparts. I think the best template for NASCAR to cut from in this regard is the Australian V8 Supercars series: Actual modified cars with functional lights, opening doors that look like something you could have in your driveway. Still plenty fast, and still very safe for the drivers.

Moreover, the cars need to be the same format as their stock counterparts. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a rear wheel drive, V8 Camry or Fusion. Currently, Toyota could use the Lexus GS, Chevy could resume importing the Holden Commodore (former Pontiac G8), Ford could import the Falcon or use the Taurus and Dodge would still have the Charger.

The cars would stand on their own merits. Power could be limited to, say, 600hp and curb weight to 3000lbs. These would be the only two things homologated. If Ford wants to use the Taurus, it would have all-wheel-drive and a turbocharged V6. The Charger would have rear-wheel-drive and a naturally-aspirated V8, as would the Commodore (if Chevy chooses to use it). If Toyota or Ford wanted to use the Camry or Fusion, it would be a front wheel drive naturally aspirated V6. Body panels would be the same as on the production cars as would the basic structure of the car. Obvious safety equipment would be used, such as fuel cells, roll cages, etc.

This way, each car would have the same power and weight, but use different methods to achieve it. The Taurus (as described above) would be likely strong on road courses or city courses with AWD and a turbo, but would suffer on a speedway. The Charger and Commodore would be strong on a speedway and still good on road courses. The Camry and Fusion would be strong on speedways and at a disadvantage on technical courses.

To me, that's a lot more interesting, instead of more of the same.


What do you know Tom? The ony times you visit you spend all your time star struck gazing at a real man "Chocolate" thru the window.

Rich Michel

I do agree that the sport has its problems, just like all other sports.
I am entitled to my opinion as you yours. I do enjoy NASCAR, I go to 3 or 4 races a year with my family. Not to hang out and drink.
I also have driven these cars and I would challenge anyone to do it for 500 miles at 195 and 100 plus degrees inside. I'm sure its not the same as 10 or 20 laps at the Richard Petty Driving Experience.
I have also noticed that there are a lot of empty seats at other sports events. So its not just NASCAR.


When NASCAR goes back to Wilkesboro, Rockingham, and all of the other loyal towns it abandoned while chasing insane dreams, I'll start paying attention again.

Haywood Jablome

I don't deny that it is difficult and it requires skill..but I go back to my original statement. It's not a sport, it's entertainment on par with wrestling. You don't see Randy Moss signing a deal to play for the Vikings this year while having a contract in hand to play for another team next season. Plus I doubt that the NFL's TV ratings are dropping likie NASCAR's has for the last few years...stick a fork in it, it's done. And btw, I never drove the Richard Petty experience. I would never pay money to that huckleberry.

Rich Michel

So the pit crew are not ahtletes?? Can you do it without constant training? Baseball is a sport...is that not entertainment? So is Football. Just because I don't follow a sport does not mean its not. NASCAR is indeed a sport.


I have worked in NASCAR since 2004. I can tell you that today NASCAR is nothing like it was when i started back in 04. Team owners are allowed to own to many cars, There is NO Nationwide series. It is a practice for all the CUP drivers. There are very few drivers that drive in the Nationwide series that do not drive in the CUP series. The big teams have money to go test, wind tunnel, shaker rig, blah blah blah.. While the little guys ( which there are very few left) have their crew ( which consist of probably 10 guys if that) busting their butts working in the shop to build the cars, set up the cars, decal the cars, travel, and be the pit crew on race day and make half as much money as a guy that just works in the shop at a big team! This sport has went to crap and needs a lot of fixing up if it wants to survive. I love racing don't get me wrong but the way NASCAR racing is now.. is no way to have this sport.

Rich Michel

I agree Aaron. Cup drivers do not belong in Nationwide. So far this season only one NNS only driver has won. Its wrong


Get rid of Brian France, cheatin' Chad and JJ, get back to real tracks and perhaps people will return.

Haywood Jablome

Rich..you're kidding me right. Pit Crews...Athletes? Please, don't make me laugh. The mechanics at Tire Kingdom do the same type of work. I agree that sports are for entertainment but real sports require athletic ability...sitting in a car and turning left requires no athletic ability what so ever. It's a skill, like bowling or billiards, but it is not a sport. You can put lipstick on a pig but it doesn't make her what she isn't.


I have to agree with both Aaron and Greg at 1:41pm. Both of those guys touched on the biggest problems I have with NASCAR, and given that we all share that already, I'm sure we're not close to being alone in feeling that way.

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