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YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN oh? you mean the Panthers played today?????

I wantJake

The absence of comments here speaks volumes. More and more of us are forced into apathy.

Fatty McButterpants

Really? St. Louis is nice? Take a stroll down to East St. Louis and then come back and tell us how nice it is.

Just fire Fox and get it over with. Get Cowher on the phone and play out the season with an interim coach. Quit postponing the obvious.

Steve's White Wife

Steve Smith is a washed up cry baby


New owner, New staff, New QB's, and some New Fans. Everybody sucks this year


Now it's just embarassing... Should have never let that lucky win last week spark any type of optimism or interest... Definitely won't happen again!!!

Dan Brantley

Can the PSL owners file a class action lawsuit against Jerry Richardson. When we paid for the PSL's it was so we could buy tickets to watch a football team play. There is no way you can call this a football team.

lil' AJ

This is beyond disgusting. These players look like a High School all-star squad at best. John Fox sparks no enthusiasm which I believe is obvious by watching his players play. He knew early on the QB position was is need and drafted an "thought to be" ready for the NFL QB for ND. The own GM, coach, whole gang needs to go. Fresh blood might begin to breed renewed discipline. The obviously isn't any at the moment. It'll take a couple years starting today at best.


you people !! we are not mathematically even eliminated yet !! keep your heads up !!....

(whoa, sorry.....forgot to take my meds...;-) )

where is that proverbial "plug" ....I really want to pull it right now...


try Schlafly's while you are there. only beer brewed in STL and they have 2 really good restaurants.


Here's the part I'm still not understanding. A few weeks ago the 31st ranked offense (the 49'ers) fired their offensive coordinator but yet the 32nd ranked offense (that would be us) still has Jeff Davidson. I don't mean any ill will towards the gentleman but the reality is we live in a performance based world. If you don't produce, then a change has to be made. If the results of my performance at work were the same as the results of Mr. Davidson's, I'm sure I would lose my job or be demoted. I know this is a tough decision to make. There is a family with a wife and kid(s) involved but he knew the risk he was taking when he chose this as his profession. I don't expect to win every game but I do expect a decent product and performance. When a third rate TV announcer comments on the fact that the Rams coaches have figured out that the Panthers are going to run on first down all the time then I think it has to be the time to make a change. As a PSL owner, I also knew the risk I was taking when I bought them but it's still my right to expect to receive value for what I purchased!!!!


Brian, your value on those PSL has tanked..

you are right, there needs to be some accountability from the uppers.....you are not receiving what you paid for...

doug wright

how much would a new offensive coordinator make,, i just dont like the play calling...


3 Things I didn't like...

- Play calling is ridiculous. Run, Run, Incomplete Pass/Interception. Our team has been in existence for 15 seasons and we still can't run a screen pass effectively. The St. Louis defense was blitzing the secondary all day, yet we didn't block/ account for it at all.
- Steve Smith...Next to Julius Peppers (don't even go there), he is my favorite Panther of all time. Unfortunately, right now, he reminds me of me, when I am playing flag football. To put that in perspective, I am 37 years old with bad knees and ankles. However, when I play flag football, I complain to the QB that I am open on every play and don't understand why I am not getting the ball on every pass play. Smitty had two easy drops today. He needs to worry about making plays when he does get opportunities instead of worrying about the plays when the ball doesn't come to him.
- Turnovers. If we have a negative turnover differential every week, we won't win games. We put our QB in position to be a ball control QB. We run the ball 2/3rds of the game, until it gets late into the 4th quarter and we have to throw. Yet, we turn the ball over constantly.

1-6 stings

marty pearsall

Pathetic...Fire Fox tomorrow morning and start planning for next year. Spend some money and buy a quarterback.

Get 'Er Done

If the coaching staff KNOWS you won't have a QB this year, why keep calling plays like you have one??

Tyre Taylor

I hate davidson.He is either stupid or does not care.What stupid play calling.My grandmother could do better.No imagination probably because he is an idiot.Fire his stupid ass!

bob wave

I am a surfer, I know there will be another wave, but I also know if the weather doesn't change the next wave will be just like the last one. So if you don't like the present surf just get out of the water until the weather changes. In this case the lack of effective management of the pathetic panthers.


"A punt is not a bad play". John Fox

Wow, we have a lot of not bad plays now. Things are great!

Scott Silverstein

Disgusted by this team & Jerry Richardson....

this team is dead....and Jerry is the crypt keeper....

....Jerry is just waiting on the strike...why play....hey PANTHERS go on strike now!!!


When is Carolina going to wake up and realize we need to stop starting Back-up QB's! Weinke, Peete, Delhomme and now Moore! As bad as Clausen looked in his 3 games we were all led to believe he would be a true starting QB so lets get to it. Put him out there and let him learn so we can get started on next year!
Oh! and someone tell Otah to get off his butt and play!!!


Not that I'm defending Jeff Davidson, but I think the vanilla offensive play calling is more John Fox than anything. Think about it, when we had Dan Henning as OC, our play calling was just as vanilla and bad. We had some better players then so that helped mask the problem. Henning goes down to Miami and implements the "wildcat" and is thought of as a genius. Fox totally holds the offense back with his conservative, win 13-10 approach. He is the head coach and the gameplan, both offensively and defensively, is based around his view of what needs to be done.


Wake up and start Armanti Edwards at QB! At least he would be exciting to watch and I've stopped watching!


@Jared - Only the local fans thought Dan Henning was a bad OC.. He has coached for 35+ years, and has been called one of the best OC's in the league long before Carolina, and he is still considered a very good OC. The 'Wildcat' was implemented and started here in Carolina, by Henning, fans forget that also..


Ok, repeat after me, 'Bill Cowher is not coming to the Carolina Panthers' for several reasons. If you are complaning about the coach now (John Fox) and his style of Defense and Offense. Cowher is not the answer.. 2nd, Cowher only won (1) Superbowl in 15 years, Steeler fans were calling for his head for years. But the Rooney family doesn't listen to the fans. Jerry Richarson believes in the Rooney/Steeler model, and will do what he wants, when he wants to, period.

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