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I'm with Evan. There won't be any crowd lethargy with Edwards at QB.

Want a Wildcat? AE's the man.


Look at the bright side. With a bad economy and loser NFL team its a double whammy but even if the Panthers were 6-0 the economy would still be bad.

Wayne D

I agree with Jared. It's obvious the coaching and game planning is the biggest problem, which has been a consistent issue throughout Fox's tenure. It doesn't matter who the OC is, which was why they got Davidson in the first place - he's a just puppet who serves as a conduit for Fox. The only possible good that can come out of this season is that there will be no controversy whatsoever at the end of the season regarding the now inevitable house-cleaning of coaching staff. Good riddance.

I miss Hoov, Jake, Moose

Lots of us complained about Henning and complain about Davidson and Meeks. Y'all have to realize that the common denominator for all the bad play-calling, no blitzes, etc. comes from Fox' dictates. He is the HEAD coach... he sets the tone for everything. That's what a head coach does. Don't you think that if he were not happy with the playcalling, he doesn't have the authority to make changes? We're seeing what Fox wants. Pure and simple. And bad.


Really? St. Louis is nice? Take a stroll down to East St. Louis and then come back and tell us how nice it is.

Just fire Fox and get it over with. Get Cowher on the phone and play out the season with an interim coach. Quit postponing the obvious.

What a stupidly cheap shot. What's East St got to do with it? Like there aint any substandard nabes wherever the heck you're from


Oh Boy!!!! The Saints are coming to Town , This will be be good ASS Kicking............... You will see how bad they really are.. good job BIG CATS...PLEASE DON'T FIRED NOTHING YOU FOOL>>..............

panther's loverboy

i bet 5oo dollars that the carolina panthers go on a 7-8 game winning streak and even win the divison..any takers..i would give you 5-1 odds, that's right i take 100 bucks if i win and you take 500 bucks if u win, that is how much confidence i have in my panthers to bounce back..let's go panthers


wouldn't say there is apathy in Panther Nation. Just that we all realize that the year is over and there is little reason to care. It would be different if the Panthers lost, but were watchable. Fact remains that their offense is painful to watch.

Some Thing

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