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Point of the story is....

Some Thing

Ex-Panthers leave us to go on to successful careers. Ta Daaaa!


So Carr would be starting for a team that can't run, pass, catch, block, tackle or defend. I have never said this since 1995 - this year they royally suck.
Thank you Mr. Richardson, Marty Hurney and John Fox. You have fielded a team that is well below average in all phases of the game. Do Smitty a favor and trade him to a contender so he can be in the playoffs before he retires!


When did he prove he could play? He's the second string quarterback on an awful team. I don't understand where this post came from?

scott bulluck

Carr is horrible and always has been, 49ers had no chance of scoring, I knew he would turn the ball over...you lost alot of credibility this week Tom with your opinions...are your can't help but wonder if you speak for JR...

Michael Procton

He was more than ok in New York. We signed him to a two-year deal so he could sit and recover in year one and then compete in year two. Unfortunately, with Delhomme's elbow injury, he was forced in early and then hurt in just his second start game (a valiant effort to get us a win @NO.) So then he had to play hurt for a team that wasn't much without Jake. Guy is fine.


fayettebill - the trade deadline was Oct 19. Smith can't be traded.

I don't agree that Carr would have emerged as our starter if he stuck around. Matt Moore did more the last 3 games of '07 than Carr did all year. He obviously wouldn't have played in '08. In the '09 opener, when Jake, AJ Feely and Moore were equally awful, Carr wouldn't have done any better. When Jake's finger broke, Carr might have gotten the start against Tampa but he would have been just as awful and Fox would have had no choice but to go with Moore for the final 4 games. Jake would still get released, as would Carr, Moore would have still got his 1-year contract and we would have still drafted Clausen and Pike.

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