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do you even watch games? How exactly do you think that the D didn't stop Chicago?

They stopped them plenty, especially in the 2nd and 3rd quarters, and our offense SUCKED.


You are a man that sees the future as if it were the past. You should be paid accordingly for your miracle of a gift.


Stopping Chicago in the 2nd and 3rd doesn't count for much after giving up 17 in the ist.

Darin is an idiot


I think the real question is what were YOU watching? Matt Forte had over 160 yards and 2 TDs. The bears were one of the worst rushing teams the league this year and they ran it right down our defense's throat!

Buffalo Bill

Well, Jake was doing what he seems to do best, lately, for the Browns today.....

Pressuring Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme on a third-and-seven play at the 47, Biermann leaped to deflect the pass and then made a headfirst catch like a seasoned wide receiver, squeezing the ball just above the turf. Knowing he had not been touched, Biermann then scrambled to his feet and rumbled 31 yards on a twisting, turning effort to give the Falcons a 20-10 lead with 4:01 left.


I just wish the Panthers would run the wildcat on 2nd down more often and shove it down their throats!!!!!!!!!!

And then maybe win a ballgame or two!!

Byron Brown

I wonder if the TV network will let Bill Cower out of his contract early? I understand we are rebuilding, but that performance left me wanting Jerry Richardson to refund my money on my Sunday ticket package. Marty and Fox must go, the people have spoken!

Who is running this ship?


They ran it down our throat in the first quarter. The rest of the game the panther D was excellent. Clausen is terrible. I dont see anything in him, he has no arm strength at all. At least Matt Moore can throw it, sometimes to the other team, but at least he can hand it off. This is horrrrrrrible. GO Panthers :(


WOW !!! Who sucks worse; the Panthers or the Charlotte Observer?

Answer; CO

Go Panthers!!!!


I gotta say I really love the city of Charlotte and the people, but on the football front panthers fans on a a fairly majority level are terrible football fans. I would equate it to a bunch of high school girls that are always changing their minds, and will tell you about it whether they even think about what they say or not.

Yes we are beyond awful this year, the coaching is horrible, the play is uninspired, and the front office is just saving money and being cheap in case of a lock out, but we aren't giving any of our young guys a chance to develop. I heard cries to replace Clausen, even though he is a ROOKIE starting only his THIRD GAME. What'd you expect him to be, Brady or manning? The guy has ZERO developed weapons to throw to other than a double covered Smith. We complained when Jake and Matt threw into double and even triple coverage, and now we complain when Clausen throws it out of bounds instead of into double and triple coverage? makes no sense. Why don't we give the guy a little more than 3 weeks before we boo him like hes Julius Peppers.

The biggest problem to me is the coaching. They seem to be unwilling and uninterested in helping and developing the young guys, because they know they got one foot out the door already. And Cowher is not the answer. He was a great coach, but he's been out of the game for too long. We need the next Mike Tomlin, or Sean Payton, a young guy who can relate to our young players on a football level.

Byron Brown

The panthers should try to run the (34) defense to get ready for next year. It is a simple fix, Move Anderson inside with Beason, let Brown and Norwood play OLB. Let's start working on next year! We can pick up a nose tackle in the draft with the first pick.

Changes need to be made!


Waiting on a new coaching staff.But in the meantime,where's the pride on offense.

Byron Brown

If we pick a nose tackle with our first round pick, I'm done.

Byron Brown

Hey, you are not Byron Brown!


This effort was as bad as any i have seen in 40 years watching the NFL. This team is similar to the 76 Buccaneers that lost every game. If the NFL wants to go to 18 games of this garbage, then they should rethink their strategy. Most of the college games i watched yesterday was much better.
Richardson acts as if he does not care. Maybe neither should we.

Byron Brown

You two idiots...Neither of you are Byron Brown.


This season is for Jerry!


panthers should have known the bears were going to run the ball with Cutler out. Poor coaching and game plan. All teams are going to put eight men in the box until we can complete pass plays. worst team in football and I don't think they could beat a college team.


We will get the first or second pick in the draft....they should reinstate Moore as the starter.

adam carter

The Bears was spreading their receivers out, leaving the Panther undersize front 4 to stop the Bears running game.

Byron Brown

I'm not sure about that, Adam Carter.


Jerry Richardson should sell the Panthers. It's all too obvious that he's not even trying to win this year, and with the fans buying (investing) in the Panthers, I think it's terrible. He's turned his back on the fans! It's embarrassing for the city and state!


The 2001 Panthers at 1-15 were more exciting on offense. That team had a dreadful defense.


The first poster Mav was right, the Defense played ok after it settled down after the Bears 3rd Offensive possession. Should it have given up 17 points so quickly to a Bears team without Cutler? NO it shouldnt have.

the Defense is the only reason the team HAD a chance, the offense is terrible, Jimmy Clausen is not built for this type offense, he doesnt have the arm strength and he takes too long to wind up and throw, he needs to be in a west coast style to succeed, he is much better on short to intermediate passes.


It is too easy to blame John Fox. This team is the one management wanted to give us: without a proven quaterback (Jake Delhomme spent too much time on his back, so no wonder his completion/interception ratio was so bad.), with a no-name defensive line, an offensive line that finds pass blocking a mysteryy, and no No. 2 receiver, which mean that we are without a receiver when Steve Smith is hurt. No wonder the offense is so bad. We have gotten rid of anyone who would command a significant salary. Steve Smith is crazy not to go free-agency as soon a possible before he is too old. Every defense can focus on him exclusively. The running game, sans Brad Hoover, has been only a shadow of last years. Congradulations Jerry Richardson and fils. We have the lousy team you engineered. The Panthers may be bad, but I bet they are HUGELY profitable. If they outclassed by the Bears(and face it, we were never in the game after the first five minutes), who can they beat.

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