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How'd that work out for you? That is...if gambling were legal...and all. Miss Peppers yet?


Peppers???? Ranked 26th in sacks after last night's game with every other team to play Sunday. Not resigning this overpaid athlete is turning out to be one of few good decisions Richardson has made.


Nice Pick Douch!

all apologies

You idiots cant see the forest for the trees can you? Look at the bigger pic.

#1 DRAFT PICK - Crazy like a Fox. He told Jerry he will make certain of that.

Lynne Stevenson

Maybe the Panthers should try to get Tyler Thigpen from the Dolphins to come to Charlotte and be their next qb...He is virtually a "native" son from nearby Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC, and was a great player while at CCU. Just another suggestion that can't possibly hurt...


"Thigpen ... "native" son from nearby Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC" ? LOL.


Gee whiz. We ignorants didnt know that. Thanks for telling us this wonderful info Mr Information.
Please include the exact mileage and a mapquest next time...

What do you know about the 3rd alltime best QB who ever played for BC named St Pierre anyway? This is hilarious.

Why is everyone so negative in their own ignorance who prob NEVER heard of the guy in the first place?

Just to be drafted in the 5th round is saying obviously somebody took a good look at him and he passed. No small feat.

10-1 odds these naysayers have NEVER heard of this guy in their lives. Hey, its ok to be dumb.

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