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Tom you're missing the point. Matt Moore has been so fantastic this season, why change when clearly there is no need to change how things are being run.


If the kid could play, he would get a jersey.

He's a bust and the App fanbois need to get used to that fact.


Peppers could play and so could Vick but we wouldn't give them jersey's either Authority. It's just not that easy to assume your statement when you have Fox as your coach.



AMEN! I just have a feeling this isn't going to change as long as Fox is the coach... I think that pick was made by Hurney and he doesn't make decisions on who is active on gameday. The guy can flat out play... activate him!


Fox doesn't like edwards. This is a season for edwards to get hungry, learn a position and get his body ready to play real football. New coach next year and a real chance to do something.

sucks he's riding the bench, maybe it will give him alittle bit of steve smith's chip


Tom not only talks, but he makes sense too. This is a great day for Observer football coverage.

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