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What sport is this?

james reed

Come on Tom, we know you are a cancer survivor but you are being too sensitive here. I doubt the radiation took your nads so how about finding them again.

309-18, 1-2

I agree with Tom about Garnett's comments. When one talks trash, there are boundaries. For example, "James Reed, your momma's so fat.." is fair game, whereas "james Reed, your child is so stupid..." is not


Garnett came to the NBA right out of high school which is where his intellectual development probably ended given the quality of his trash talk...he's always been a punk and a tool, just like James Reed.


Why don't you look up what some guy that owns the Charlotte Bobcats once said to some guy he drafted #1 overall for another team in a practice?

I doubt I should put the quote here but, let's just say 2 different "f" words were used. Over and over.

It's in a book called, "When Nothing Else Matters: Michael's Jordan's Last Comeback." It's written by Michael Leahy.

Oh. Kevin Garnett?

Just an NBA champion, NBA MVP, defensive player of the year, 13 time all-star, 4 time first team NBA, 8 time first team all defense.


The J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. All he did was donate $1.2 million to Hurricane Katrina relief.


Pro sports has been headed down the tube for years now and keeps getting worse like everything else. Its the scummy liberalism disease at the root cause of it all and it can only get worse. There are no limits and new lows are hit daily.

For example did people actually read what that pos faggot Woods said he did in his 100s of text messages to some of the 150 females prostitutes yet this bag of feces still plays golf in the PGA? Did he ever kill any of them since he routinely paid them to be beaten fisted slapped and perform perverted acts with both males and females? Sick bastard.

The worst part is the liberal diseased sports or media writers support all this that in the end destroys everything sacred in western civilized society since there are no boundaries, no genders, no perversion cutoffs, no morality, no decency, no nothing. Anything goes. Hell in the flesh.

Fuck liberals. Sicko fuckheads. Burn em all. Faggots and dykes first.



BJ Blows and James Reed Swallows

James Reed, you're a turd. And BJ, you're a turd who needs to drink decaf.


bj go blow yourself, your hatred towards others is the reasoning why this country is going down hill, you racist bitch..

William Riska

Here is the answer..
Stop paying attention to these overpaid, "non-role models". They put a ball in 10 foot basket better than you can! Who cares about their opinions more than I care about the opinion of my next door neighbor?
Get a life! Volunteer, work for a group.
Stop sending vile messages about "professional athletes". If you want to send a real message -- stop attending overpriced events that support this continuing nonsense and spend your money on something that really matters.
Who cares what KG or LeBron or Brett says about anything? Are they smarter than you and should have your attention about matters like cancer?


Why is there a column devoted to this?

Dr. Toiletstein

This isn't a column; it's a blog.


Sounds like BJ is a self-hating latent homosexual.


Why do we care about NBA when this is supposed to be the Panthers page??

Please stop posting off Panthers topics in their forum and information web page. That goes for you too, Scott



Seriously? Calling someone cancerous to their team and league is offensive now? This is a phrase that has been used for longer than I have been alive to describe guys with character issues. Cancer is a disease but cancer can also be defined as "something evil or malignant that spreads destructively"(merriam-webster.com). How can you call yourself a writer when you lack the slightest competency in the english language? You're nothing but an over-paid, overly-sensitive whiner with an ego. Find something real to write about instead of this pety BS.


And catfan, where did you're intellectual development cease? Since you, along with Tom, don't know what cancerous means beyond what's right in front of your nose? Wait, maybe I should slow down. Can you comprehend figures of speech? I don't mean that cancer is actually right in front of your nose, so un-cross your eyes and pay attention. Right in front of your nose is a way of saying something is obvious. Although I do appreciate your indictment of the American educational system, as it does fail to contribute much at all to any sort of intellectual development but does seem to be very adept at churning out "punk(s)" and "tool(s)" as you so eloquently put it. Your use language proves your intellect.

don king

There are new rumors since the big win by the good guys last Tuesday that a DJ named Rush Limbaugh is buying a couple NBA teams and an NFL team.

Big changes coming for the good in professional sports and salaries to be cut in half. Owners will be back in charge. All unions to be outlawed. Yip yip hurrah.

Professional sports will be required to clean up their acts and clean out the trash or suffer the consequences by the new good guy Congress.

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