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Um, this is supposed to be the NFL webpage along with the Panthers, why do you keep posting non-football stuff in here?


And when that happens NASCAR's ratings will go down even further. The Chase is a complete failure that needs to be done away with..and no it shouldn't be replaced with that idiotic elimination style idea...because that would be retarded


Cobrabitn, it's a blog. Lighten up, Francis.


I can't imagine a worse outcome for Nascar than to give Johnson another Championship, which is exactly why I don't think they will let it happen if they can figure a way. Nascar needs to rethink everything that they have done since Bryan walked in the door and take a few steps back if they don't want Nascar to become the next cart. They need to go back to the old points system. At least make the cars look stock. Chrysler has an engine you and I can actually buy, not to mention the only car that comes close to what Nascar is running these days but you can't run either in Nascar. Ford, Chevy and Toyota don't even sell anything close to the kind of cars running in Nascar, they're all front wheel drive. Johnson wins five straight and the Sprint cup becomes an even bigger joke than it already is. If you are going to award consistency, let it be for the whole season, not some trumped up media gimmick that the networks have already completely lost interest in. Don't believe it? When they signed the last TV deal, all those chase races were supposed to be on ABC, not Espn, ABC doesn't want them. OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN!

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