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what moss is with the vike


this organization is way too waspy for that


Why would he come to Carolina? Nobody to throw it to him. Richardson isn't gonna pony up 3.4 mil to him(rest of season) anyway. Last thing this teams needs is more headlines news(which Moss brings) stating how bad they are.

Love em' but the Panthers picked their poison. Team philosophy of drafting young and bringing up through system while releasing vets(mentors)was exactly what team management wanted. Winning in pro sports means "Show Me The Money".

Johnny Dollar

It is going to cost 4,000,000 to rent him for the rest of the year. Based on what Jerry spends don't bank on it. He rather have the cash in is bank that Randies,


It certainly would get us media attention...


Let's clarify the financial situation:

If collected on waivers, Moss will be owed the full remainder of his contract by the team that selects him.

If signed as a free agent 24 hours after the waiver period, Moss can sign for the league minimum and the Vikings are on the hook for whatever the new team does not pay him.

Picking up Moss with the waiver pick will cost over $3M, and when he goes back to the Patriots as a free agent, they will have in effect dumped $2.7 million in salary and received a 3rd round pick in next year's draft. Kinda seems scripted, doesn't it?

Frank Adams

Pick up Pat White and Randy Moss and you would have a good combo.


Well. The Panthers don't have a qb who can throw it deep enough for Moss. I think the chances of him playing here are zero. But I do believe his girlfriend and 4 kids still live here in Charlotte.


Hrmmm... Well first of all to the person who gt so user about the suggestion that Moss could be a role-model for the younger receivers: the comment was sarcastic on the part of the writer. I happen to disagree. For those of you who are too young or too ignorant to remember: Moss's mentor was Chris Carter, one of the hardest-working players in football at the time. I live in NH and have watched Moss every week since he joined the Patriots. He does desire the ball early and often as all great wr's do, and yes there are occassions when he seems to get frustrated. That said he is also a homerun hitter and a nice big target (kinda like this guy we used to have named Moose). Sign him and see what happens I say...you never know we could become the first team ever to make the playoffs after going 0-5. If not like the man said: at least it would be interesting and maybe take sme pressure off Smitty.


It would only be a repeat of what he did for oakland


Can Moss play RT?


You don't have anyone who can get him the ball. There's really no use signing. During Jake's prime, he would have been a great addition.


Here's a thought. Maybe, just maybe we should consider getting a QB that can actually throw him the ball. (Waist of time) this season is a wash. Let it go!!!

We still might be able to get one of these so called elite QB's in this years draft.

But then again they'll mess that up to with the old WE STILL NEED TO SAY WHAT WE HAVE IN JIMMY AND MATT!! B.S.


They won't sign him but for once I agree with Tom, what have you got to lose? With the season we are having now, it would be cool to have Smith on one side and Moss on the other. ;)


The bills are 1st in line to claim him and we are second, I'm holding out hope but it'ss about 99% certain that it wont happen


Tom... sometimes you amaze me! Bored today? Wanted to get a little shock treatment in did we? We both know this organization and Moss are like night and day. It would never happen. You have a better chance of winning the Pulitzer and we know that's not happening... LOL

john holmes

Moss is a worthless POS...as evidenced by being DUMPED by the Patriots, and DUMPED by the Vikings a week later.


It won't happen because the signing wouldn't make any sense for either party. Moss wants to be on a contender, so he wouldn't even consider Carolina. As for out part, the season is already lost, so why spend the money Moss would command?

Ohio Panther

Um, the question isn't whether he will or not, it's whether he SHOULD or not. And yes, he should. The bad will towards what management has done to the fans will not be forgiven when the next season of football starts so throw 3 mil out there and give the fans a reason to come see the game. Even if we lose it'll be entertaining.


Is this coming from the same guy that said we shouldn't sign Michael Vick? Tom you are sounding like Jerry Jones who regretted signing Moss and decides he should sign Dez Bryant to make up for it


funny, the Seattle Times has a story about them signing Moss also.


As punishment, Moss should be forced to sign with the Panthers.


They don't have to sign him. Just put in a waiver claim. If Buffalo or Dallas doesn't put in a claim, he's in Charlotte.


Why? This team stinks, we do not have a QB that can get him the ball... he will become frustrated... start crying and then be booted out of town. I have seen this story before and am tired of it.

If we were 4-3 then maybe bring him in to see if you can spark the offense and win this division. His head and heart might actually be in the right place where he plays hard (well, Randy Moss' version of playing hard... when he wants to).

Being 1-6, going nowhere, with no QB on the roster is not a good mix... with Moss it would only be worse with his attitude.

I don't even know why we are discussing this because we all know the Panthers will not sign him. They do not want that personality in the locker room and they are simply not going to spend the money this season.


of course we all want this, but if front office didnt want good players on this team before the season why would they now

Reap what you sew...cheap assholes....

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