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of course we al want this but if the front office wouldnt sign good players before the season why would they now?

Reap what you sew.....cheap assholes

Sam M

It is intriguing to think of Moss and Smith together.

But like Terrell Owens, Moss is a cancer. He would be a horrible example for the Panthers' impressionable young receivers.

If one assumes that part of this year's rebuilding effort is to upgrade the personal character and intelligence of the Panthers roster, then Moss is not a good addition.


Sign Sorensen. He couldnt suck any worse.


If Buffalo doesn't want him then Carolina gets next choice. Moss has no choice except to sand bag if he must come... Remember Peppers now THAT is a lesson on sandbagging!

It is all about money and Jerry R is showing the NFL how to lower the price of their product, if they will just listen!

Buddha Jones



why the hell arent we wearing r black jerseys?


PREPOSTEROUS! We passed on Bolden, Owens and every other WR, now that we are out of it, to go after Moss would be a laughable idea. Who wants to come to a team like the Panthers? He should go to a team like Washington that is close to his home (WV)and who might have a chance if Shanahan gets out of McNabb's way. Even the Bills would be better, since their QB is one of the highest rated in the NFL.

mr obvious

why bother...put some butter on it...this season is toast!


If people believe signing Moss would not make a huge difference, they don't understand how opposing teams are playing us. Have you asked yourself why the league's best running tandem suddenly can't run? Do NOT underestimate the absence of Moose from this offense. Was he an elite receiver? No, but he was enough of a threat that safeties actually played their safety positions.

Watch the next game Sunday. Count how many times defenses bring the safety and linebackers up to the line of scrimmage. Sometimes, there are no safeties back there. I don't care if you are Chris Johnson, you are not going to run with consistency against 8-9-10 man fronts.

Randy Moss would FDEMAND attention from the secondary. That would back the safeties off and make linebackers play in front and behind again, giving the line less people to run block and less bodies blitzing Moore on passing downs.

Carolina has become the most imbalanced team in the league. We are not a threat to stretch the field.

Signing Moss would be a nice olive branch to the fans just to salvage this season and maybe get Steve to enjoy playing again and not get frustrated with this situation, cause you can see it and this may make him want to leave.

Show the fans that you are willing to provide some level of entertainment value for our tickets, because right now the bye week was a close second to what I saw last Sunday. If Moss acts up, cut him, but he needs to play out his contract and demonstrate he can still play and play well with others to audition for his next contract. This is just like the Terell Owens experiment in Buffalo. TO proved he could play well with others and ultimately got a better deal, and fans in Buffalo did get some excitement with him there.


This organization will not sign Moss because he has a bad reputation. The same happened to Vick So don't waste your time!!!. Let me dream Vick, Moss, Smith, Williams and Steward. what else do you need!!!!!


We could have Jerry Rice at his prime, and it wouldn't make any difference. We don't have a quarterback who can throw well enough to capitalize on any receiver's talent.


Remember Moss with the Raiders? Losing team with ineffective QBs, sulking and barely playing? You want that here?!?


we would be on the hook for $6.4M if we signed him you idiots, do some research before voicing an opinion.


Lol. Sign him if he can throw. That way he could pass to Steve and himself. I want to see his Qb stats first tho...

Duke Football

Great. Two Punkass WR on the same team. Who is going to throw the ball to them-Matt Moore? The Panthers should pack up and leave town.


The sad part is, I don't really care anymore.


The Panthers won't do anything that controversial. Carolinians HATE controversy! If we're going to sign a controversial player, I would have much better seen it be Michael Vick, then we wouldn't be in this mess we're in now!


Sign Moss? Why? Seriously, there is nothing that will help this team short of FIRING JEFF DAVIDSON YESTERDAY and FINING Fox for his Golf Claps every time our offense self destructs. Just file this idea under WHO GIVES A XXXX! I have been looking forward to next season for 8 weeks...

Rock Bottom

Desperate times call for desperate measures....

panther's loverboy

it's makes sense to sign randy if you can, and for all you guys who don't know this, randy moss comes to charlotte alot and he has a daughter who lives here with his baby mama, so signing randy is not a bad idea..just do it..make the season or the remaining games at least interesting to watch or give us something to talk about


hey wayne d, i got your loser, a loser who have won a superbowl and will go to the hall of fame and then you call him a street bum, it sounds like you have other issues with moss and his "kind'..you are just another racist tool on this site, go get a job clown..i say sign him if you can, why not..we are the 2nd worst team in the nfl, he will bring life to a team and fill the seats..make it happen panthers


While I would love to see us get Moss, there's no way he would agree to come here. He will want to go to a contender that will sign him to a $10 million per year contract. We don't have a contending team, and we don't have management that would be willing to pay him top dollar. If I'm a betting man, I bet he ends up in Seattle.


The season was over when New York beat up Moore in the first game of the year....WE must change everything..............


Guys, I work at Charlotte Int. Airport... I swear I sow Harney and Moss.


1: I'd definitely want to hear Steve Smith's opinion on this.
2: I'd like to be sure Moss wants to be a Panther but unlike what Rashon said, there is no drama on the Panthers...heck, that's part of the problem..
3: Marty Hurney has to go. Hurney is just a cap guy which we have no more so he is useless to the franchise.

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