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SO CLOSE! If it hadn't been for that last second drive by the Falcons you'd have nailed it and I'd be taking you to Vegas with me!

Michael Procton

‎"Jake is the classiest guy on this team and in this organization. Jake's the best. We're really close. I wouldn't be playing as well as I am now without Jake. That's who he is. He wants to win too. He's a competitor, but when circumstances like [his injury] happen it's not the end of the world for everybody. He understands that and knows that this team needs to win. He's been helping me so much."
--Colt McCoy, on Jake Delhomme
P.S.: The Carolina Panthers are paying Jake Delhomme $13 MILLION this season not to play for them. It seems they also have several young quarterbacks who could have used his leadership and mentoring abilities. Sweet call, Jerry Richardson. Thanks for punting the season so you could set an example.


procton, that's a skewed way of looking at it. they cutted him to save all the money they would have had to pay him while he wasn't capable of playing anymore. they're still paying him money he earned years ago but decided to take later so that the team could afford to keep guys last year and the year before. which was really good move by richardson.

i don't understand how people can complain about richardson's spending habits given how much he wasted to keep peppers around. that was a sign he wanted to win, then when he's sitting at 4th and 17.......yea....he punted. it's still early in the game.

i'm the guy that sat here last year and supported delhomme while everybody threw him under the bus. prior to last year, his stats and drew brees' were eerily similar yet everybody was on brees' jock and hating on delhomme. the truth is.....given the overall direction of the team and the aging out of him and muhammed and hoover, along with kemo, lewis, peppers going elsewhere, thomas davis and jeff otah injuries......they've made the right moves. the fans are just too ignorant to support that and move on that football players don't last forever and you have to reload talent. we've done that. we have a lot of young'ns that look very promising. develop those guys.

having delhomme throwing to the rookie receivers behind a weaker d-line than last year.....he wouldn't exactly be doing us favors and if he was healthy, fox wouldn't be able to NOT start him because even a little banged up he's better than clausen or 2010 matt moore by a long shot. they've made the right moves. question your owner if his name is al davis, not jerry richardson. and i know the raiders are luckily winning a few this year. that doesn't change the facts. its called an aberration.


Jake was owed the $13million regardless, but with the uncapped year they could clear him off the books now and not have $7million going against the cap next year.

I would say his 1TD 4INT season has justified not keeping him around.

What is more amazing is that he is making an additional $7million this year from the Browns! That's Peppers money ($20mil)for holding a clipboard. I am very jealous now.

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