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Rick Bonn



Light it up, St. Pierre!


Ya know how Ray Lewis fires up his team before every game? This Sunday, they'll be telling jokes in the huddle. Sad. This has to be one of the most embarassing situations ever in the NFL. Fox is campaigning for Jerry to just go ahead and fire him. Jerry, please put us out of this misery.

Nosebleed fan

I wonder if Claussen taught St Pierre how to throw the ball over the heads of your teammates on the sideline yet? I hope he doesn't get hurt.


Thanks JR for such a great season. Glad you put yourself, the league and the opposing fans' interests over those of the Panthers loyal. I hope we all remember this for a long time to come every time we think about buying memorabilia, concessions, etc. from your PSL owner funded empire.

Good luck to St. Pierre behind our Wal-mart O-line. I really do hope he proves me and other doubters wrong, I will never be so happy to be wrong.


I'd rather see John Fox himself start at QB. Then, one of our sub-par linemen could let ol Murderin Ray slip thru the line at full speed and put Foxy on IR.

F this organization.

QB's please stand up

what if we ran an offense with no QB. not even a wildcat or mountaineer package, we just literally had goodsen under center, he would take the snap, then try to go left or right.

i mean seriously, what else is left to try? maybe we could try a punt on 3rd down. that would be classic!

Jerry Moore

If they have so much adventure, give Armanti a try!


Picked the CHI - MIA game yet?


I guess these guys didn't see what a fast guy that can pass might do in the nfl. If they try Edwards they'll never go back

Panther Dan

I can only speculate that this is Fox's way of giving the fans, management and ownership the finger. No other way to explain it, is there? The TEAM drafted 3 QB's, maybe not Fox, but the team did, and he REFUSES to try either of the two remaining QB's (Pike or Edwards), instead choosing what he calls a "guy with some experience". Really? Let's see...5 passes spread over 8 illustrious seasons....hmmm. Nope, doesn't measure up. The TEAM should DEMAND that he either start the guys they drafted, or resign immediately. Period. If not, then fire him for insubordination, and make it clear to the other teams that that is what this represents. The remaining players might, just might, have some respect for this organization if they did so. Otherwise, we may lose a lot more than just this season.

Panther Dan

On a lighter note: Tom, could you PLEASE try to get an interview with Fox? I would love to hear his rationale for this asinine decision. And none of that "best for the team" nonsense...he know that's a lie. We, as fans, deserve to know why he is sabotaging the team. He may have a beef with ownership, but to take it out on the fans and players is inexcusable. We deserved better this year, Foxy, and you know that, too.


The Panthers are now on the clock.............. with the first pick in the 2011 NFL draft the Carolina Panthers select..............

Hairpie Eater



Stinks that Richardson decided to give up on the season as of last spring, it seems, when he went on the cheap and got rid of all the vets on the team. John Fox is a good coach. Nobody could coach this mess, with these kinds of injuries to boot.

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