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william miles

Must not watch a lot of football. As a kentucky fan I've seen much worse. Would you believe 31 to zip at end of first quater. But I get your [point.


Nice Tom, thanks. Your insight is nothing short of amazing.


We got one field goal. A high school team may have been more competitive out there.


Ha ha ha...thank God for DVR. Fast forward through most of the pain.

Jimmie Hackett

You must have not been at the Carolina vs Chicago game.


Apparently you didn't see the Carolina-New England game, the last game of the 2001 season. You know, the one where it was cold, raining sideways and about 20,000 showed up? And by midway through the 4th qarter, there were maybe 2,000, all of them Patriots fans? That was the worst football game in history. And the 2001 Panthers were the 3rd-worst team of all time, trailing only the 2008 0-16 Lions and the 1980 1-15 Saints.


I agree that regardless of the bad play of the Panthers...it was one of the most BORING games I've ever watched


Thats a 2fer with Sorensen the worst sports writer. The players suck.

Hatin it

is this a statement or an allegation?

Nosebleed fan

At least we don't have to buy playoff tickets this November!!!!


Do what I did. Boycott Richardson and don't spend one more dime at the stadium.You can sit in your house and watch all the games on the NFL ticket. There you can see real teams not a joke team like the Panthers. I blame the owner allowing Fox to go through a lame duck year, not signing one free agent and raising price of tickets. What a joke !! I am supporting Direct TV. At least they have a good product.


I have been boycotting the games for the last three years in a futile attempt to get a REAL coach. I will say this again, if you fire Fox now, I will start to go to every game and watch every loss in person. I will not support Fox tho. Why is that dallas demands more from their team and coaches than our owner does?


Will someone stand up and be in charge!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!Where is the leader or owner or someone please before you all go HELL and burn for this BS..............

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