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that's what she said


You can't open up when his receivers won't help him.


Well, actually his WR does help him out. Both Gettis and LaFell have proven this already. Its the OL that needs to help him out with some protection. We will have the same discuss next year, with our prospective Qb Luck.

Michael Procton

Yeah, Yassin...you saw them regularly getting wide open toinght. Oh, wait...

Wide Eyed

That didn't work out too well. Still, lets not turn the "Clausen as bust" into a self fulfilling prophecy. I'm rootin for the kid, and here's to him proving the fairweathereds and the media hacks wrong at some point. Cheers.


Clausen is struggling period. He has no footwork when he drops back to throw. I know Edwards was inactive but hes not gonna get into the recievers group so why not give him some third downs when everyone knows they are gonna throw. at least he will be more mobile than Clausen.....Let him prove himself or sink. Either way it wont hurt

Sean C.

Where's Dwayne Jarrett? Another lost draft pick from Marty Hurney and Don Gregory!!!


what quarterback?


Tom, long drive back from ECU today-Snow! 7" in Greenville-12.5" in Wilson. Never ever thought I'd be following snowplows out of Zebulon. Enjoy the real stuff.

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