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Lest anyone forget, MJ used to play basketball. He had a number of coaches in his lifetime, and I'd lay odds that NONE of them purposely berated him or his team night after night in front of the media. I'm surprised he tolerated that attitude from LB, and I'm actually shocked that this didn't happen earlier. LB continuously attacked his players publicly...who in their right mind would keep him as a coach? When the team was down and hurting, LB would go ahead and completely rip their heart out.

We obviously don't have a championship contender for a team right now, BUT the management made some calculated moves in the summer gambling that they could bring different talent here. The moves didn't work out, CP3 didn't get here, and we're stuck with what we have for a while. LB obviously wasn't able to coach around what we have, so good riddance. I like ya Larry, but it's definitely time.

Thanks for the bold move MJ...that was probably a pretty tough decision.


Either way it was time for a change. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out your job might be in jeopardy. I don't care if you're Phil Jackson. If players don't respond to your coaching then it's time to move on.


Larry Brown is and always will be a quitter. He wants "his" guys, but when his guys that "play the right way" with little to no talent max out at 40-45 wins, he grows frustrated that they aren't more talented and rips them publically. Never has been a great talent evaluater, but he is a great coach, with wanderlust. Good luck Larry, but don't make the mistake of trying to coach again.

rita kenion

Looks like a clean sweep for coaches around beginning with UNCC. Brown might still have a job if he had used John Fox as a role model. But we should remember that Brown really did not want to be here this year.


wHO CARES about Larry Brown....he always had one foot out the door....he's certainly not a loyal employee to have around....

coaching is over-rated in the NBA ....

....its about talent in the NBA....


What can Brown do for you? Brown let this team sink before he left. You had to know MJ had to force his hand regardless of their close relationships. He wants a team to play hard even with losses. This team was heading nowhere fast while playing people ahead of the talent on this team. We could have had D. Miles instead of D. Mcguire and Sheron Collins. Even though I am a big Kansas fan. He needs to stay off the burgers and fries and apple pies. Well it is a new day with new staff and the coaching vacancy is there. I actually like Mark Jackson and Mike Brown. Van Gundy probably would only coach a championship contending team.


Its amazing the similarity between whats going on this year with the Bobcats and the Panthers. Well respected Brown- gone. Well respected Fox- will be. Frustrated diva S. Jackson. Frustrated diva S. Smith. QB Delhomme leaves and Fox pouts. PG (might well be QB for basketball) Felton leaves and Brown pouts. Both teams- bad front office moves and bad drafts. Both respected owners refuse to spend money. Both fan bases- FRUSTRATED.



I honestly believe that you don't know what you're talking about comparing S. Jackson and Steve Smith!!!! Jackson is a league leader in technical fouls but name one instance this season when Smitty intentionally cost the Panthers yards, field position. These two personalities are as different as day and night!


I will miss Larry. I don't blame him wanting to get the heck out of Dodge. I don't believe that a coach is responsible, totally for the losses of professional, athletic teams. A coach can draw plays but he can't run them. It wasn't a mutual decision either or Michael's decision. He just realized it was best to "cut bait".Jordan is to freaking hands own. Which would be fine if he made good decisions. Which he doesn't. Of course this is his team, but its going to get worse before it gets better! Trust and believe!


Brown didn't resigned and don't dramatically make it better. He was forced to resigned. He's a terrible coach when he doesn't want to be somewhere. What the hell Brown came here demanded for several trades that destroyed the team, and in the end bash players again and again.

Wait a minute...... is Brown taking Boris Diaw and Gina Diop with him. He shouldn't leave Mark Carroll here as well.

Thanks Jordan for the bold step taken and welcome again Paul Silas.


I was wondering if something was amiss at the Thunder game last night. He just kind of sat there -- literally.

Playoffs? ...Playoffs?

Brown has won NBA and NCAA championships. He is a basketball legend at coaching.

MJ won championships as a player, not as a coach, not as a manager or player evaluator.

Brown is heads and shoulders better as a coach than MJ is an an owner and manager.

The bottom line? The Bobcats drafted Ajinca, May, Felton and Morrison and have, with a sliver of an exception here and there, been incredibly mismanaged. Even big-time draft pick Gerald Henderson looked lost last night over 10 minutes.

You don't get rid of Chandler and Felton off a playoff team, don't replace them and then expect to be better. The rug was pulled out from under LB, a basketball coaching legend. Face it, this team has less talent and less heart than last year's team that got swept in the playoffs. Yet, MJ GUARANTEED that they would go deep in the playoffs.

I admire LB, am pleased he passed through Charlotte, but feel he got a raw deal.


Larry Brown sabotaged himself. Have you heard the press conferences lately? He wanted out. It had to happen. Larry sabotaged more teams than won championships with. He wants to teach? Then go back to NCAA


NBA basketball is just millionaires taking advantage of losers who will pay money to watch someone else tease them.


It looks like Larry Brown wasn't yet ready to resign, but Michael Jordan convinced him that the sooner is the better. I think Michael was right.
Larry Brown was back to coach the Bobcats this season only out of his loyalty to MJ, but, without any other desire to actually be here - with this team and far from his family.
When things started going wrong, we saw a repeat of the NY debacle: repeatedly ripping the players publicly, and unstable rotations. The players started tuning him out, and that's the time when the coach-team relationship becomes too dysfunctional to go on. There is also the issue of LB's system and methods: what worked last season wasn't working anymore this season.
I didn't expect this will happen before the upcoming home stand, I thought LB will have a chance to try and turn things around in these games.
But, I'm not an insider, and Michael Jordan is the ultimate insider. If he determined that the coach-players relationship is damaged beyond repair, he made the right decision.

I used to sit near Buzz

Always can count on cutting insight and brilliant analysis when I read your blog, Tom.


Any idiot could write what you just said and probably do so with a little more eloquence.

"Gee Larry Brown is sad. He got fired. Raymond Felton is really good. He's not here anymore. That makes all the UNC fans sad. The Bobcat players are sad because Larry hurt their feelings. But really I only watch Bobcat games when it doesn't interfere with Panther games or when a big stud is in town and I can get by on the cheap by using my press pass."

Look at that! I could spruce it up a little with a thesaurus and I too could be a wannabe Rick Reilly!


Jordan made the decision to move Chandler and to not sign Felton. It's a poor manager that makes poor decisions and expects his underlings to take the fall for them. Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Miami, New York, ....etc. all made moves to get better during the off season, yet you thought you'd compete while taking a step back? I'm a Jordan fan, but if that's what he thought, he doesn't need a coach. He needs a therapist.


Kenny- Steve Smith hasnt done so much this year, no. But do you not remember the Steve Smith that beat up two different teammates? Suspended 2 games for detrimental conduct to the team? And yes he indeed HAS costed the Panthers field position in years past by fighting or endzone celebrations. Do you not recall the Texans game in Houston when his personal foul costed the Panthers a game winning field goal try? So if I had to put the term "diva" to any player on the Panthers, yea it would be him. Same as Stephen Jackson is the closest thing to the term "diva" on our Bobcats. Therefore, my comparison aint that far off base....

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