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Frieda's Boss



Steve Smith is right! Jimmy Clausen couldn't lead me to Michelle Pfeiffer's house. Clausen talks and acts like a your typical punk!


I've never really cared for Clausen as a quarterback or as a public persona. However, Steve Smith isn't doing anyone any favors by blurting out quotes like this. His whole point was that Clausen should have spoken directly to the offense. To make his point, Smith doesn't talk directly to Clausen, instead he talks to reporters. I love Steve Smith, but this was yet another stupid move on his part.


Nothing like honesty when answering a question. Tony Gonzalez had been with Matt Ryan less than two months when Gonzo called Ryan "the best quarterback I've ever played with". Smith knows Clausen will never become much in the NFL. Who does it hurt? Nobody. The team knows. Who does it help? The writers.


Who's ready for Andrew Luck???

mr obvious

Smith leads with his fist!


You might be right, Tom. However, I remember Steve getting rolled for comments made about another Panther rookie - Dwayne Jarrett.

Yeah Right

This is Smith telling us he wants out. Remember Kris Jenkins? The second someone speaks out like this, they are gone from Jerry's house.

Will Henry

Ditto for sports writers. Are the quietest writers the ones who care the most?


I lost all respect for Smith after that comment. A team wins together and a team loses together.


Look at Smitty "talking" to Clausen after a 3-and-out. Clausen has gotten the message directly enough.

But I agree with Steve. He should be telling everyone how bad he sucks, instead of finding a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

Even better, he should ask Steve to work on some extra throws to get timing better. Ask to him to watch game film and point out what he is doing wrong. I think that Steve wants him to have more pride, and to care as much as he does. Smitty was drafted as a return guy and became a pro-bowl receiver thanks to tireless work ethic. He just wants the same commitment from the cocky rookie quarterback.


Frankly, I am surprised Smith has not gone off long before now. He certainly has cause. Dude is a great WR and has been trapped on an archaic offense for too long. Just imagine what he could do on the Chargers, or Patriots, or a host of other teams.
He called it like he saw it. And he wasn't wrong.



John W.

" But what does it do for the Panthers?

Does it make the Panthers better?

Does it make Clausen better?

Does it enhance the Smith-Clausen relationship?

Is this leadership? If so, how? Where does it lead?

What is this, a high school end-of-course essay question?

Dr. Axlerod

Yes. High School end of course thesis and more in the broader scope of events that need concrete answers.

What does this do for the Panthers and the city with its fans demand for higher winning percentages within a scheduled framework of time?

Does this enhance the relationship between the Panthers and religious freedom as it relates to a transverse society and existential freedom of speech?

What about with the NFL and educational opportunities as it relates to CMS magnet schools and more federal funding under the No Child Left Behind ideology?

What about the relationship between the Panthers and 1st amndment rights of the Constitution powers of freedom of speech and as opposed to the right to maintain firearms?

Does this display leadership within the context of active political cronyism during the post Revolutionary War era under guise of the Sherman Anti Trust Act?

The list goes on ...


And Tom knows about leadership how? Stick to X's, O's, and injury reports man, don't soapbox on issues of character or moral compass when the most adversity you've probably ever faced was whether to supersize or not to supersize. Smith has earned the right vent for one very specific reason - no one above him cares; surprised he held out this long. Honestly, I say eff Clausen. I feel for the kid, but he is many moons from running an NFL offense... and it’s irrelevant the when and the where – he’d be just as shitty under center for almost any team in this league. His "job" is, at a minimum, play with some level of awareness; he isn't doing that and it shows on every snap. Sorry, but even the notion that Andrew Luck suits up next year in a Panther’s uniform is worth more than a win right now. I’m sure Smith really wanted to say something to that effect. These guys were done in April, Smith knows it, Fox knew it, and now everyone (including Clausen) is along for the ride. At least its only 3 weeks.


The more we lose.. the more poor choices and not very well thought out comments will surface. Don't hold this against Steve. Any owner, coach, player or fan who is not mad should be the one fired.

I know I've spewed a few things watching this crap that I wouldn't want to see printed with my name. Smitty must feel that 10x. He gets paid to be a professional but his passion is what makes him great.


Don't ask the question if you don't want the answer. Smith was honest and, frankly, correct. However, Steve-o ought to pay attention, I think Tom has had his share of adversity not that it is any of your business or relevant to the discussion.

looking for luck

cut clausen even the fans were screaming for him to throw the ball to open receivers sunday with numbers like his he should be saying he is sorry to all the players coaches and fans

Van Galliher

the Panthers have lost me.

Mark Kaylor

What would you do as a coach if your starting QB went 0-11 as a starter? What if the team went 1-15? What if they only had 9 TD's and 18 Interceptions during that stretch as a starter? Well that is what Troy Aikman did his rookie year with the Cowboys. Quit the shuffling at QB and let your starter get some experience with the team. All you Carolina fans want an instant winner and need to learn a little patience. Clausen is a good QB who just needs a little more experience and an O-line that will protect him.


All of us are frustrated, even Smitty. Everyone is looking to blame someone for feeling betrayed this season instead of taking responsibility for being the source and cause of the misery...in other words, I'm causing my own misery by the way I react to the Panthers play on the field. It's just been an agonizing season for the money I put into this form of entertainment. Maybe I should change to figure skating!!!!


Trade Steve Smith. Hate to say it, but he wasn't that good this year. I know, I know... no quarterback. But the few times an actual decent pass went to him, he looked more like K. Colbert.

I have a hard time saying to draft Luck, and I don't think Hurney will take a quarterback #1 overall. My guess/hope is they trade down and take Green plus more picks, then trade S. Smith for a decent QB.


Well if he is going to apologize for poor play shouldn't he apologize to the people he is actually on the field with?


To address the Aikman comparison fully why leave out the stats that don't compare so well?

Aikman did throw 18 Ints vs 9 TD in 11 games
Pass Yards = 1,749
Rush Yards = 308!!!
Sacks = 19 Fumbles = 6
Clausen so far 7 Ints vs 1 TD!!! in 10 games
Pass Yards = 1,163
Rush Yards = 43
Sacks = 24 Fumbles = 8

Clausen is worse in almost every measure or equal at best (QB rating of 51.3 vs Troy's 55.7 is not a big difference)

I didn't see a stat for throwing the ball away on 3rd down but Jimmy must have a wide margin lead on that one. Face it he is not the man now, and won't be the man later, on this team or any other.

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