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At least Clausen will not lose his distinction of being the lowest rated QB in the NFL. Really a shame when you are 33d

Stan Nixon

Sorry, sorry, sorry!! Clausen just don't have it! Let's move on with someone who can see above the shoulder pads and play the game. How many side-armed passes has he had knocked down?? He is high school stuff!! We need a quarterback!


Bottom line-Jimmy Clausen is not a starting caliber QB in the NFL.


Bad bottom line is our coach is to stubborn to try anything different. Why not give edwards a shot? What do you have to lose, sorry i forgot, if edwards is good Fox looks like a fool for not playing him sooner.


Casey has no pocket presence. He rarely seems to step in the right direction or see anyone coming on blitzes. Does he even call audible plays?

I love seeing this record pinned on Fox's resume. Makes all the suffering easier to take. Top pick will be the cherry on that vanilla sunday.


one of the advantages of being 3 scores + a couple of years old is that you have seen your share of good and average football players. Clausen is average at best. He doesnt' have the "being league" looks.


Hard to say whether or not Clausen is good or bad since the O line is so horrible this year - of course he looks bad in the pocket he has not time to throw and no blocking.

Plus he has no one with experience to learn from, only one receiver with more than a year of experience, and three tight ends who cant catch to save their lives. Oh yeah, an idiot for an O Coordinator as well.

Wayne D

I have to agree with manu4t. Even though it doesn't appear that Clausen has the on-field awareness of a good QB, and doesn't seem to have the high-end skills, it's so hard to judge him when he has such a sad sack situation to work in. Inept coaching/game planning, no support - I think even Brady or Manning would spend their time throwing the ball away, too. Not to suggest that Clausen could ever be in their league, though. I have to say - he seems to really have trouble with accuracy, even when not pressured (which of course doesn't happen often). I think he's on the road to becoming another Brady Quinn or David Carr. Oh well, that's just tough LUCK!


If it looks like it and smells like it...


Lets just be honest, lets say we made a trade for payton manning for clasen and draft picks, how well do you think he would have done this year with this coaching, all the broken bodies and all the new young faces. Come to your conclusion and now remember clasen is a rookie. If we draft a superman quaterback in this years draft guess what, he will be a rookie and will need time to grow just where we are now. Draft a WR,or DT, we have many needs, not just at QB.


You guys have seen what Peyton Manning looks like this year with rookie receivers like Blair White. He looks AWFUL. Multiple picks because receivers are out of position or just not making plays.

Jimmy Clausen has arguably had the toughest entrance to the NFL in history. He is playing on the youngest offense in the NFL loaded with rookies, and the QBs he has to "learn" from are rookies or has beens.

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