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Steelers 24
pussy cats 0

No way we score on this D. No way.


35-9... and it wont be that close

lets get the number one pic..

and go saints!


I will be estatic if the Panthers can score 10 points on the Steelers...
38-10 Steelers

Gene Hopkins


That is the nicest comment I have heard about the "Burgh" in a long time. I live in California now, but will never forget my Pittsburgh roots. Mom, two sisters and a brother still live there. Many of my birth family seem to be moving to North Carolina. (damn yankees). My older sister, my grown nephew, my grown neice have moved to the most dynamic state of North Carolina. My younger brother moved to South Carolina years ago. My older brother and his wife will be moving to North Carolina next year. Even the Cowher's love your state.

Gene Hopkins

I hope we can help y'all get that number one pick!!! The Bengals and Broncos are right on your heels, though. All kidding aside, the Panthers are professionals and have a great running game. I do not expect them to lay down. It should be a competitive game and the Steelers must bring their best, if they expect to win.

ray lewis

You all take care of Pittsburgh, and we'll let Cincy beat us in the finale.


upset special

Football Weather my Butt

People love to sigh and longingly say nice things about Pittsburg, Syracuse, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Cleveland, etc. until you talk to them about moving back. No one moves back. They stay in the Carolinas, of course, but talk about how great things used to be in those cities. But, like I said, they stay here. Sorry we don't have any of those dirty neighborhood spots that you want to duck into and grab a beer. We just have a relatively safe, nice, clean New South friendly and affordable city without the snot, grit, unions and corruption. Sorry. And, of course, the Steelers are better than the Panthers.


the panthers cant even lose right they will win 34 to 14 mark my words

Carl Grashof (Slower)

Panthers running game will be tested against one of the best defenssive teams in the AFL. Scoring any points at all will be challenge against the Steelers. There is far more interest in obtaining the first pick in the draft than there is in rising to the occasion and stunning Pittsburg. Steelers 24-6

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