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Stay classy Tom. Nothing says happy holidays better that stereotyping a religious group. Bigot.


Hey, what's wrong with calling a tall guy "Shorty". I'm 6'4" and that's what my friends always called me.

AL Vaughn


I know it will cost millions but think of all the merchandise sales their would be if Charlotte got the Hornets, New Orleans got The Jazz back and Utah gets their own thing. Who knows Utah may actually have some BobCats.

Al Vaughn


Profiling is not racisim. He didn't say he disagreed with Mormons having several wifes he just points out that they do, with this crazy thing called humor! But based on your posted name, I'm guessing you are not a guy big on humor and irony in life. Which makes me more bigoted towards you by far. You are the type of guy we could do without in this world, a boring stick in the mud...looking down from atop Mount Pious.

Also should know for future reference that he doesn't read message boards ever.


Thanks for your ignorant input. Let me correct you. Less than 2% of Mormans practice polygamy. So if I can you a spic or a greaseball it is all good? If I cann a black man the "n" word it is ok? Your an idiot. I would kick your ass all over the room if you use those terms towards me. P.S. I know he claims not to ead them, yet he quotes them on WFNZ all the time. So you are buying that claim, not me.


toby gerhart

i want someone to suck my twizzle stick that is located between my legs. Suck it good and hard the ole NC way baby.

Steve Kwon

People still talk about the Charlotte Hornets in 2010...


Not So High & Mighty

To Tomsucks:

Paraphrasing Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, "I've never seen a man who needs a BJ more than you do."

If you don't like what Sorensen writes,don't read it. And relax dude, relax.

On top of that, I'm a Mormon and I thought it was funny.

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