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timmy tebow

i wasn't impressed by the pictures he sent. I'm also a guy


I wasn't impressed by his tiny penis either...I'm a lady!

Junky nuts

I wasn't impressed much either .....I'm a 12 year old kid.

Jen Sturger

I wasn't impressed either. Can't believe he thought I'd be wooed by an old guy who shuffles around in Crocs. Ewww.


Never take a pic for adultry after a shower. No wonder she didnt take him up. Shrinkage.


Starting 297 consecutive games in the NFL is one truly REMARKABLE accomplishment. In calendar days that's longer than Ripken and Favre has people trying to hurt him 25 times a game. Yeah, 4 has turned into a pitiable drama queen, but let's not diminish what he has done. Kudos to the Vikings for keeping the integrity in the streak, by not letting him start and make a handoff, then come out of the game.

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