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Word. I know right?


Tom it is you who should know your role. You are a hack. You only put enough effort into a story to get by. You refuse to ask REAL questions, and kiss the ring of every high profile person you come into contact with. Retire, quit, find work that is more suited to you. We need reporters, not yes men.


Yeah, leave decisions to the people who picked Jimmy Clausen, Armanti Edwards, and Everette Brown.

pete seward

tom is right.....


A person who has $7MM to throw away on college football doesn't have a "get out of the way" disposition. They made their nut by being all up in the way.


Sorenson assumes that Conn. did not seek the advice of other boosters. Is that correct? If I had given $7 million and others were consulted but not me, and I was interested in having my voice heard, I would ask for the money back also.


Tom you are such a bad columnist it's mind blogging that you are still employed. If you would have done your homework on this story you would have uncovered that the booster didn't ask to be involved in making the decision but simply keeping him in the loop throughout the process. He's more upset with the UCONN AD more than anyone else. Apparently this guy and the AD have some background and this was the final straw. I'm sorry but if I just put up $3 million for a football program I would like to feel appreciated and in the loop. That would be my place Tom...but you wouldn't know that because you have no idea what you are talking about. I read the true story on ESPN where they have their facts straight unlike you who is a ridiculous column writer. Time to retire Tom, your insight keeps getting worse. I hope someone realizes this soon.


When some people get rich, they get an inflated opinion of themselves and their importance. Ask anyone who has known Jerry Richardson for fifty years.


Writing a check doesn't buy you access to the loop. If you in the loop go get hired. If you want to donate so everyone can see how wealthy you are then do it and shut up.

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