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John Daly is also a drunk, a wife beater and a fat slob. Some icon...




To me: you may the most ignorant fool on the face of the earth. He was a "wife beaten", not beater, documented by the pics and arrests of his ex's. Also I would bet he weighs far less than you, unless my hunch that you are HIV positive is true.


Daly's a slob and a bum and that's his appeal. And if the rest of you assfaces can't dig that then don't watch him. Get a clue, scheeze.


If it wasn't for John Daly golf would be a total bore. Wake me when he makes the cut.

Top Cat

Yet another "Sorensen story" that has nothing to do with Panthers or NFL but is on the Panthers page. Is the webmaster an idiot who does not know where to post stories according to content??????

John W.

Whatever you say, Groucho.

"At the age of 44, he remains the icon for those of us who would feel uncomfortable belonging to any country club that would have us."


I doubt he weighs less than I do. Then again, I also haven't had to have surgery to take weight off because I lack the self control to not overeat. Secondly, I am not talking about the time his wife scratched his face. I'm talking about the early 90's when he knocked his wife around. He also is a chronic quitter. I will put serious money that by the end of the week he is nowhere near the top of the leaderboard.

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