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"This just in....Tom Sorensen has been removed from his position at the Charlotte Disturber after criticizing something that has to do with the Chapel Hill Tarheels....more to come later"


Coach Williams has a point, though. Those kids who play thier heart out don't need to hear from a bunch of internet wannabe coaches about how bad they are. Fans don't really know near as much as they want to believe they do. There's a reason Roy Williams is a HoF Basketball coach.


If Roy misses the tourney again this year and spurns Tarheel fans at the same time is he going to have a job here next year? I don't think so.


Beau - He will absolutely be at UNC next year, even if he loses every game from here to the end of the season. The man won a title less than two years ago and another a few years before that. I whole heartedly agree that he has reacted very poorly to the criticism he has received over the last 14 months and Baddour, Thorp, and other should probably have a sit down with him about it ... but he's not being let go any time soon.


Roy could miss the tournament again, show up to work naked and quack like a duck and not lose his job. He's a Hall of Fame coach with two national championships in the last five years. That counts for something. And so what if he's prickly, he's entitled to be sullen if he likes. Go watch a tape of any of Bobby Knight's press conferences if you don't believe. Or John Cheney. Or watch Calhoun at his next one. I think Tom's right that Roy shouldn't be shocked to hear the kind of second guessing he has been for the last two years given the team's performance, but neither should the fans be shocked to find that he doesn't enjoy their second guessing. They've fallen so very in love with their message boards and call-in shows that many fans really believe they individually matter to the overall operation of the program. They don't. Maybe Roy should suck it up, but so should the fans. Coach isn't an elected position, and Roy's allegiances lie with his school and his AD (and Dean Smith), not every self-appointed guru who thinks he should run a zone when he opts for man defense.


I'm a Carolina alum and fan and I agree with Tom. I listened to the radio show and didn't feel like any question or comment was out of line. I think expecting a coach to elicit a certain level of play from 7-8 McDonalds All-Americans is acceptable, including beating teams with losing records in January. I love Roy, but he has to find a way to accept those comments and questions, or else don't agree to do a call-in radio show.


Tom you are a two bit hack. Nothing more.

Roy is 100% correct in what he said.

Stick to what you know, and trust me we are ALL trying to figure out what that is.

Roys Boys

Ol' Roy is a has-been, washed up old crank. Hey kids, stay off my lawn! What an embarrassment to a once proud program.


Yeah - he's a "has-been a national champion"... twice...

Coach K

If I may interject, the fans have a right to question your ability. You've only won 2 Titles in 6 years. I went 9 years in between my titles, and everyone applauds my coaching. Set lower standards and you will be looked on more favorably when you overachieve. That is the secret.


The Tar Heels just need to go out and play good, fundamental basketball. Go out there and give 110% on each play. Keep their mistakes to a minimum. Protect the basketball. Play 40 minutes of hard-nosed, Carolina basketball. Get back on defense and really crash those boards hard. Make crisp bounce passes and take good, high-percentage shots. They do those things, you can bet the Tar Heels will be right back in this thing!


Let's face it...Roy has no compassion when it come to his players and fans. He doesn't talk to the players - he talk at them. He'll never be better than Dean or that Duke coach. Ooooops!

Frieda's Boss

Roy Williams, Butch Davis, Dick Badour...was a collection UNC at Chapel Hill has. I can not wait for the next embarrassment.

Redneck From Gastonia


How dare you question the actions of God, aka Gosh Darn Roy. Roy is a HoF coach and everyone should lay down and let our Carolina Heels win everything. Chapel Hill is heaven on earth, even though I have never been there. TAR! HEELS!

Coach K

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: I have won 4 NCAA titles. That's twice as many as Roy, and twice as many as Dean. For you math whizzes, I have won as many NCAA titles as Roy and Dean combined.

And unlike Roy, I won the first one with my own players, not players recruited by another coach. Thanks for listening.


Set lower standards. That's hilarious. Thank you for that as it has been a long day. Please dude. You know, that's why everyone hates Carolina. It's never their fault. It's always someone else's fault. Set lower standards. I'm pretty sure Rat Face has smoked past your beloved Dean in both wins and championships without a hint of slowing down.

Dean is watching

Roy has been losing it ever since Presbygate last year. Honestly, what coach gets an opposing fan removed. Roy is a great recruiter, but his game day coaching is suspect. He's always turned his nose up at fans, but he's more than willing to cash that Rams Club paycheck.


Tom's latest column = "Take this Job and Shove it!" for his Blasphemy of Tarheel Nation


LOL at anyone criticizing Roy with his 2 titles in the past 6 years. And many of his kids succeed at the next level thanks to his player development skills.

For that matter, UNC alums have 28 NBA Championship rings, the most of any school. And how many NBA rings do the hapless dook players have? 2, Jeff Mullins and Danny Ferry. And only one of those scrubs was ratface's. What a great leader lololo.

randy b

Everyone needs to get off Roy, including Tom. I coach basketball as well, and I understand why it ruffles Roy when people criticize his players. Regarding his decisions this season, I was glad to see him make the switch last night at PG. What the average fan doesnt consider, that Roy obviously does, is the entire game of his players. For example, while it seemed obvious that the PG change needed to come from an offensive perspective, did the average fan consider the defensive side of the ball? No one wants to win worse than Roy...get off of his case and let him do his job. He is a great coach!

randy b

....and by the way, I met Roy at a function two years ago. I have never been treated better by a "celebrity". He genuiely thanked me for supporting the team, and I believed him.


Hey genius, How many of the 28 are Roy's?

Dr. Science

Thanks, "Laughingatdook," for propping up the argument that UNC coaches are way overrated. As you note, Carolina has sent many great players to the NBA. They have had much more talent than any other school, and they have exactly 4 NCAA titles in the past 50 years to show for it. Duke, on the other hand, also has 4 NCAA titles, but with much less NBA-caliber talent. Ergo, Duke has done more with less, thanks to great coaching. And UNC has done less with more, thanks to not-so-great coahcing.


I think the coach forgot that his radio call-in show is not really his show, it's the fans. It's like someone at an office party forgetting it is not really a party...i.e., he's still at work. He's not free to act like he might act at a 'true' party.

Level-headed sports fan

Coach Roy said that they "are just kids." True. Many of us who watch sports (and read and call in) and all of us who COACH it are adults.

Tom and his article, although sarcastic, are not off-base. Coach Roy's comments, however, are. They are made more off-base and wrong-headed given his position as a grown man coaching young men/kids; a public figure who many children and young adults look up to.

Sports isn't just about winning and losing (although, that's clearly a big part of it). They also about teaching kids (and reminding us adults) HOW to be responsible, respectful and deal with adversity with a sense of grace.

I hope Coach Roy does the right thing and apologizes. Even better, of course, would be for him (and other's like him) NOT have outbursts like this one (note: Coach Roy's rant last year about the Presbyterian fans).

Rick... a level-headed (but no-less passionate) fan of sports living here in Charlotte, NC

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