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SC Ken

I couldn't agree more Tom, we need to pick up a quality starting QB via trade or free agency. I too, would like to see what Tony Pike has to offer. It would seem he was in Fox's doghouse, so maybe he'll get an opportunity with the new coaching staff.


Most people won't like this idea, but here's a suggestion if I'm Hurney/GM for a day:

If the CBA mandates a rookie cap, the #1 pick becomes A LOT more marketable for trade value. Assuming this happens, I trade down 3-5 picks for a 2nd rd pick in THIS years draft. With the #4/5 pick, I take AJ Green. With the 2nd rd pick, I get the best DT/CB available. The rest of the draft is a crapshoot, but I try to get a Guard and more interior defensive lineman. The BIG move that I make is via free agency: I pick up Vince Young. Yep, I'm sure everybody is shaking their heads, but here's why it makes sense; if you're convinced Clausen is your man (which I'm not), you bring in Young to compete and now, a scramble-capable QB has 2 quality WRs to throw to, in addition to a slew of quality TEs. Is Vince Young a long-term solution? No. I'm not a fan of Young, but he won't talk back to Rivera like he did Fisher. If he matures at all, he'll realize this is a second chance and he'll perform. Young gives the Panthers a real chance to win NOW. Who are the other veteran options?!? Hasselbeck is going downhill fast and I don't think we could lure him away from Seattle anyway. Smith is a bust, and there just isn't another quality veteran QB out there that gives us a credible chance to win NOW.

Just MY opinion....

I know how to use an iPod!!

ZB, you're right, there are people shaking their heads over your suggestion! Vince Young is a head case that the Panthers don't need and shouldn't have to deal with.

Fatty McButterpants

You know what's a head case?? THIS GUY



Clausen is like a decent looking girl who puts out, but just lays there the whole time. You keep her around, because it's still sex after all, but as soon as something better comes along she is done.

Terry Rafferty

Kyle Orton or Kevin Kolb. Make it happen.


By The Biscuit January 20, 2011 - 1:50 pmYeah, they were a disaster, weren't they? I only wechtad 2 games, but that was plenty. Clausen and Quinn were both put in pretty crappy situations. Maybe they're better than they've looked, maybe not, tough to tell. But they certainly werent put in awesome spots either.Thumbs Up/Down: 0 0

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