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one wrong so far...on to the jets game. Hope u feel better soon!


Try lemon and honey! Feel better. You are
1-1, but no one saw that coming. I pick Green Bay and Baltimore.

Don Waldo

Speak for yourself. I saw it comin... Then again, saw the 2001 Pats over the Greatest Show on Turf; and ASU over Michiga:


Check the reply to by "Craig T." to my, Don W., original post -- BEFORE the game... Man. Poor Armanti. Should call the Panthers the "Squanderers" the way the waste talent...

But I digress. Some teams just WANT IT MORE. I saw how much they wanted it against St. Louis that got them in... Same with the Packers: they wanted it more. It didn't help that Andy Reid showed no game plan other than "Just do it, Michael"...

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