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Richardson Blows

Turgo and Peppers respect and enjoy each other. It was the ownership/management that they both despised. Turns out, they were right all along! F RICHARDSON!

Panther Dan

Peppers was a nonfactor last night if you take away the hit on Rodgers. Can't believe Trgovac is coaching a SB team.


Both Turgo and Peppers are pro's of the highest regard. The Panthers management??? Not so much. Way to go guys. Show all these backwoods bumpkins what football is all about. And to all the haters who blamed everything on one or both of these guys....SUCK IT.
I wish they both had made some sort of F.U. to the camera directed at Richardson.


Tom, Please write an article based on this:


This is the primary reason why Fans go crazy and is a poster child for the John Fox mentality that contributed to his demise. Playing "not to lose" instead of playing to win...



I tried to figure out why Cutler would go pout by himself with an injury that he could walk on. Wouldn't most guys go help coach up the rookie, even on crutches? I'm thinking the coaches told him he was going to be reported as injured, when really his lousy passing was the real reason he was pulled and he was pissed off about it.

Going forward how do the Bears handle this?

For them it could not have gone down worse for this season and next. We have seen here firsthand how a bad NFC Championship game can tear apart everything the next year.



ok, i see this how about mr. rivera use some of his bears connection and see if haine is available as free agent or sign and trade, if the guy can come in a perform as the backup on chicago in the nfc championship and play lights out football with accurate passes and don't know the plays 100%..i would get him in a sign and trade and let him compete for the starting qb job and draft a dl in the draft..

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