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"But I have yet to hear a new coach coach attempt to excite fans by saying that his defense will be laid-back and docile."

You must have missed Fox's interview about the Bronco's job, then. He basically said he'd bring the same things to Denver that he did to Carolina. I'm sure that made a great impression.


Marc Trestman, who lives in Raleigh by the way, would be an excellent choice for OC for the Panthers. Sportsnet.ca reports that he is a favorite for the job. Hope that's true.


(1) John Fox will be an NFL head coach again. It won't be in Denver.

...or Cleveland...or Oakland...so where? Where are all those suitors that were going to be beating down Foxy's door? I can't find one. He's only had ONE interview for a job he isn't a front runner for in the first place and he's saying all the wrong things. (We had success in Carolina and we're going to do the same things? Please, give me a break. If that was true you'd still BE IN CAROLINA, GENIUS! But you got what amounted to being fired for a reason.) Cleveland likes Shurmur (I think that's a good pick for them) and Oakland already went the safe and boring route with Tom Cable and I doubt they do it again. So where is Fox a head coach in '11? Maybe somebody will take him on as D line coach, MAYBE DC, but either way that amounts to a demotion.

On a current Panthers note, Trestman for OC?...I'm interested in hearing more.


Why does every article that has anything to do with Ron Rivera on the Observer website have to say something about his race? We don't care what his race is. He is a coach. He is a man. Please get over this obsession, Observer. You're really starting to give Charlotte a bad image.


How about Rent-A-Sports Writer?

You Know

fox is new HC in denver, actually

Darin is an idiot

Are you sure #1 isnt an opinion instead of a truth? Actually its neither since he was just hired by Denver


Well you were wrong on your first truth. Fox hired by Denver


he whose photo is good for paper training parakeets - so much for being wrong about Fox...


oops...I look like an ass now..oh well, good luck Denver

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