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Amen brother Tom!

Gene Richardson

Hard to watch our high school team play a NFL team. Fat lady sure sings loud!


Turn off the lights, the party's over! Don Meredith


Jimmy Clausen is horrible! Cant blame it on the line or receivers either


You guys have NO CLUE who is going to be our next coach. That is weak.

Nate Dogg

Can I have your job, Tom? Boss tells you to do something and you just blow it off because watching sports for a living is just too difficult. I know a few in the large ranks of the unemployed who wouldn't have a problem doing a third-quarter blog.


You mean Tom hasn't dazzled you with his witty quips?

Dave Kempert

Thankfully, the season is over...It wasnt that many years ago we were crushing the Cowboys on a glorious Saturday evening in January with a first round playoff home game crowd as electric as any I have been in..We beat the Rams and Eagles on the road and gave the Patriots fits before coming up short in the Big Game....Keep the faith.....and remember, these are games, and entertainment.....much more serious things are happening in the world around us...keep it in perspective...

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