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Tom - I understand you comments, particularly around the fact that he had Philip Rivers during his tenure. But he also consistently had a top 10 defense -- I believe he had the #1 defense in the country more than once. Philip Rivers didn't play linebacker. He is a defense first coach -- always has been. I personally believe he would bring excitement, help raise money, build facilities, and put a quality team on the field. He can build the program, and someone youthful and up-and-coming can take it over after 5 years and mature it.

Big Niner Fan

We definitely need a GOOD head football coach more than a big name, but why can't we have both? Bill Curry's name has helped put GA State on the map, but at the same time the posted a winning season their first year (6-5) and were only blown out in the ill-advised game versus Alabama. Charlotte can take lessons from that program and has the potential to do it right (as long as they don't schedule a massacre versus clemson or NC State the first year...)

Tim Collie

Speaking of message boards, that's where the push to get football at Charlotte began. On a message board. They make be the land of trolls, but sometimes good comes from there.


The 49ers fought hard for Football. But lets not forget that it was really the Alumni and Students who had the uphill battle. The big office state paycheck folks running the show really had to bow down to the Alumni and Students and do as they were told. By then though you had great leadership in Mac Everett and support from the Board of Trustees.

Lets give an extra pat on the back for those guys who were really in the trenches and honestly supported football, not the Dubious Chancellor or the 80's Comeback Wardrobe Athletic Director. All they did was throw a little nod...


I was a student at State when Amato was fired. I was on the bandwagon to see him leave. With that said, UNC Charlotte would be foolish not to vet him seriously for the head coaching job.

You want someone to inject some enthusiasm to the program?

You want someone who can raise serious money?

You want someone who can make just about anyone feel connected and invested to the football program?

You want someone who will sign players as talented as UNC Charlotte could hope for this early?

Judy Rose has said the first coach needs to do all these things. In fact, she has said the first coach and the first coach with a winning record won't be the same person.

Chuck Amato is better suited for this job than just about anyone else in the country. And he wants the gig. If Rose et al don't vet him, Niner fans should run them out of town.


that was the most pointless moronic piece of crap that i have ever read. If we don't hire amato then Judy Rose and her mickey mouse operation should be ran out of town! Hire Chuck NOW!!!


OK Tom, please expound on why Charlotte won't hire Amato. Details?


"The first coach will have to do more than develop a football program. He'll have to bridge the massive disconnect between the city and the school. He'll have to give fans that have no connection to the 49ers a reason to give up their Saturday afternoons and come to campus and watch the team play."

Tom, thats exactly why Amato is perfect for the job. People will care about UNCC football if Amato is coach.

Alan Major is probably a super guy, but has that hire connected with the city?

Major Minor

Do not bet against ZOHANAMATO! THE FORCE IS WITH Chuck.


I am for CHUCK!!!! And I have as much connection to the 49ers program as Sorrysen does, which is none! I agree with Tanner - Amato can do all of the things the 49ers program needs to get off the ground!

Besides, Sorrysen, you've already proven through your so-called coverage of the Panthers how little you really know about football!!

True niner

This will never happen. The Charlotte 49er administration is not intelligent enough to pull it off. And besides narcissist can't handle having a name bigger than their’s in the same room.

This information was leaked to distract everyone from the awful decisions and leadership associated with the basketball program.


They could do much worse than Amato. If he has anything, it's passion, and you need a great deal of passion to start a program.

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