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See the problem with the first rounders is the TBlazers will be like 4-5ish seed w/ Wallace. That pick would be early to mid twenties. Picks in those range rarely offer elite players. The Bobcats DESPERATELY need an elite, franchise guy, especially with Melo and D Williams in the East too. I'd love to see Paul in a Cats uniform, but who would he play with. We seriously lack talent now....sad times for fans of professional NC sports...


This was a good trade for the Bobcats. This article so off that it is comical. Any fan will recongnize that.


Josh, while I agree chances are slim of finding an elite player at that area of the draft, you can always package picks/players and trade up if you see someone you like.

Also, I'm not sure, but I think the pick is actually the Hornets' pick, which at this point will be even higher (worse) than the Blazers'.

go Cats

With G and Nazr gone that frees up about $20 million. How long before Giap Carroll and Najera expire? Those 3 total another 13 mill I think. Who can we get for 30 million?


This will be a great deal if we draft well.


I agree, Adam.. and its never too late to learn! This time, if there is a team willing to trade their top 5 pick for our 2 first rounders, DO IT!!


Totally agree w/ Emons and Newsinz here.

I'm surprised at such short-sighted commentary. We're no better than a 7-8 seed w/ Wallace, so we're basically sitting in no-man's land where we're going to be consistently outside the lottery. Ultimately, that's not the type of team that is going to generate the interest required to turn the Bobcats into a marketable product.

Say what you will about MJ's drafting ability (and that is certainly a valid argument/concern when you consider that we're trading for 2 1st rounders), but I don't think you can argue w/ the logic behind this trade. Cap flexibility, youth, and draft picks. We weren't going to do better for Crash, as much as I love the guy. And honestly, he hasn't been the same player this year. I do think much of that can be attributed to injury, but hasn't that kinda always been the case w/ him? Ultimately, if you're able to bring in that kind of a haul for a frequently injured fringe All-Star, I think you have to consider that a successful move.

Now, it definitely hurts us in the short term. I don't know that it's really so dire, though. Henderson has really begun to develop offensively, and he was already a plus perimeter and on-the-ball defender. And we've heard Coach Silas say that our team functions best when Jax is guarding 3s instead of 2s. So now we have a more conventional lineup (assuming Henderson moves into the starting lineup, and I see no reason why that wouldn't be the case) that should be only slightly weaker on both sides of the ball. I don't know much about Cunningham, so I can't speculate on what he'll be able to contribute, but I think this will open up an opportunity for Derrick Brown to log backup minutes at the 3. Hopefully he takes advantage.

Kudos to Wallace for all his contributions to the organization. I mean, that guy is tough as nails and always played his heart out. Portland's getting a total gamer that will make them an extremely tough out in the 1st round. All that said, I think it's a very solid move for the Bobcats.


who are you sorensen and why do you think you are qualified to comment on the bobcats. leave the grown up stuff to bonnell and stop embarrasing yourself.


amen brother tom, Gerald will be missed.


I love it! Donate! LMAO! I don't know who MJ thinks is coming to play here. bobcats are going to be ass out when free agency starts. Just like the Nets. All that money in the coffers and nobody to pay it to.


The Oreginiam says the 2 piaks are:
"The Blazers said the draft picks included in the deal are the 2011 first-round pick acquired from New Orleans and a conditional 2013 first round pick."


The Oregonian says the 2 picks are:
"The Blazers said the draft picks included in the deal are the 2011 first-round pick acquired from New Orleans and a conditional 2013 first round pick."


Bobcats basically gave up a guy who was an all-star last year and first-team all-defense for two picks that are probably going to be around 19-25th place.

Portland buys picks like that every year for around $2-3 mil.

So the Bobcats gave away the best player it's ever had for something it could buy for cash.

I can't understand how any Bobcats fan can be happy about this.


Both picks are protected out of the top 12 until 2016


i see it as a smart move for the future of the franchise, i love wallace like everyone, but u could see the wear and tear on him and you want to get something of value for one of the best players of your team and they did, i think jordan is getting for the 2012 fa market win cap space to spare, i really see chris paul coming here with no problem and a new face of the franchise, i will miss wallace but you have to look long term for the future, since all the east teams are getting better..smart move jordan, just bad timing..


If Micheal only knew how to manage and put together a team with a hundredth of his ability to play basketball then I might care about the Bobcats.


You that are touting the two first-round picks do realize Portland is a playoff team.

Those picks aren't going to be anything special.

Besides, Charlotte has shown it sucks at the draft.


The Bobcats just traded Wallace for two draft picks? So basically they traded their one good player for Adam Morrison and Sean May. FAIL.


This will be a good trade if the Bobcats actually use these first rounders wisely. Up to this point they have been a terrible team drafting in the first round. The rest of this season is shot however.


In a way it's a donation. What are you getting back in return? Draft picks. Fans see two 1st round picks and think we got something great in return except draft picks are traded around like a loaf of bread in the NBA. Look up the Bobcats draft history, especially those coveted early 1st round picks. It's awful and near franchise killing when it comes to how bad the Bobcats draft in the 1st round. For every Gerald Henderson, who is a decent player, they get a Adam Morrison who is one of the biggest busts in NBA history and that was the #3 pick. Better show you can draft or else we did give Wallace away. Trying to clear cap space for a big ticket FA, good luck attracting a superstar player to a smaller market team that doesn't have many good pieces. Ouch


What a shame. Jordan continually reveals himself to be a total hack, unsuitable to run a shoe shine stand, much less a half billion dollar NBA team.

What a shame that one of the rare killer players in the NBA that will actually consider Charlotte... strike that... WANTED to be in Charlotte... is shipped off as a gift.

I suppose His Airness will reward the dwindling number of season ticket holders with more first round picks like Kwame Brown.


Another terrible article by Sorensen.
Maybe the Observer can trade him for 2 interns and $10.


I think alot of you are missing the point of the draft picks. These picks are for future 1st-rounders of Portland and is dependant on their performance for THIS season, currently the #20 spot, and 2013 pick, which could very well not be better than that!

Are you going to tell me that we will be able to do MUCH with these two picks in the upcoming draft? I'd rather the 'Cats trade with Minnesota, Toronto, Washington, or Cleveland for their one and only #1 pick than having both of these.

Gerald is worth more than the Portland's 2-#1s...and they know that!


Bummed to see Wallace leave....he always played tough....

Jordan pulled a JERRY .....Mj realizes there will be NO SEASON next year so just dump salary to save cash.....


Portland is going to have draft picks in the high teens....we need lottery help...

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