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I hope not! I was trying to keep an open mind but he has some issues most noteable is that he is not a drop back passer and doesn't have the experience making reads like he should. They said he had a poor combine workout because of timing. He is an athletic work in progress not a polished pro that we need to not throw that interception in the critical moments of a game like we have had since Delhomme. Why haven't we entertained the thought of McNabb. Doesn't he want out of Washington?


This is more of a reflection on the public, not the nfl IMO. Everyone knew he was athletic, most of the better scouts we're impressed with his pro day(afew compared to J Russell). Yay, he's 6'5, 250lbs, and ripped. He over threw almost everything at the combine. And there are still the same questions about playing in a NFL offense. Some HSs run more complex offenses than Auburn.

He's the same as V, Gholston. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane


I ment weren't impressed**


Say what you want about Cam the guy deserves alot of credit he could have rode his own wave to the number 1 pick he threw and it exposed some flaws. now he has a pro day if he improves and does well there i say take he will have shown in 2-3 weeks he's worked hard to correct the flaws he has. And as far as he not a drop back passer well Clausen, and Quinn were so what does it matter about spread vs. drop back. You can teach someone to drop back and read defenses. You can't teach his natural ability!

Shane P

CAM NEWTON IS A WINNER!! He's not afraid to fail and put his balls out there plus the kid is huge and unbelievably athletic. Think Big Ben with twice the athletic ability. He has a presence about him as well and if we don't draft him, we'll be kicking ourselves for years to come when he's a star in the league like he has been everywhere he has played. DRAFT CAM NEWTON AND DON'T LOOK BACK!


i agree shane, draft this guy, if u going to take a chance on a project then this is the guy you do it with, a true stud, and no way in hell the panthers pass on this guy,..u think jerry richardson don't see ticket sales, tv rights, fans coming back to the game with hope if he draft this guy, all a good business decision if he get draft, trust me the auburn fan base will be the carolina panthers fan base..no way in hell i mean no way mr. richardson is going to let this stud get away..to many dollar signs, just keep his daddy from building another church here, no more jinwrights for charlotte..


He can run, he can jump, but he cant throw. Sounds like a perfect pick for a Carolina Qb.

Top Cat

McNabb is washed up, through, done. There should not be a Panthers uniform for him, period!

nate crenshaw

i saw where some fool said mcnabb he throws alot of picks as usual the cats will pass on newton and 3 years down the road when he is a superstar say we did not see an up side look at the guys they have picked at qb and the ones they let get away


First of all, you do not account for 49 TDs and not know how to read a defense... the idea that he is just out there winging it is simply stupid and shows who knows football and who doesn't ... this kid deserves to be the Panther's top pick.. if not then he deserves to be someone else's top pick.... He was the absolute best college player last year....and his skill set suggest that he will be an excellent NFL quarterback.... During the combine he showed that his throwing mechanics are good, now couple that with a cannon for an arm....... he will be one of the best when he hits the field....no other quarterback coming out this year is capable of doing the things he is capable of doing....and Lord knows the Panthers need a guy who can make things happen, not a guy who is looking for a a soft spot to lay down !!!


Let's see. Lots of wins in college and a rocket arm. Cam Newton?....Tony Pike!


Umm.... Chris Wienke as well Viventis. Don't forget the amazing Chris Wienke who it seems spent more time on the bench, or throwing interceptions and being an overhead cost more than he was being a profit, or an asset


can't believe the morons on this thread who don't know the difference between a great COLLEGE QB and a great NFL QB.

Cam Newton stunk it up in the PASSING drills at the combine. In the NFL, your QB has to be able to PASS the ball. If Cam Newton tries to pull that running garbage in the NFL, some NFL linebacker will break his neck.

get a clue, clueless Panther fans. really


A lot of people hate on Cam but he is the sole reason Auburn ran the table in the SEC and won the national championship. This guy makes plays period. Jimmy Clausen is a polished pocket passer, and alot of good it did him in his rookie season. I say draft the kid with the 1st pick.


I think Jerry Jones would love to have Cam Newton. The big question is how much would he give up to get Cam?


Forget Jerry Jones, it's the Panthers pick and Dallas has nothing we want or need. Therefore moving on, with the first pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton, QB Auburn University. Congratulations young man, welcome to the Carolina Panthers! You are just the infusion of talent and excitement that this team needs. This is a new coach that signals a new and better direction and a new QB Cam Newton that confirms it.


I simply don't see it. And btw I didn't see it with Clausen either. Maybe he does something in his Pro day but so far I would still rather have a stud DT.

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