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Competitive? Please. I'll be stunned if Carolina can lose by less than ten.


Your comment about wantnig to go back to college (and be 18 again) got me thinking. When I graduate, after 5 years at university, will I want to go back? At this stage (end of year 4, final assignments, stress, academic writing) if I never see another lecture theatre again I will be a happy lady. But who knows if I'll get the study itch again?! But I definatly wouldn't want to be 18 again. I'm much happier, healthier, more confident and overall a better person now. I don't wanna be 18 and learn those tough life lessons all over again!


Katie, I'm with you! I'm so looking foawrrd to having money from a full time job to pay my bills with! And I never party, I don't have time. I guess Caitlin has a good point that everyone is different at this stage of like. Personally I study hard, work (when I have a job) take care of a house and a boyfriend, pay my own bills (for the most part, parents are kind when needed) and worry about where I will be in 5 years time. I can't think short term, but I wish I could relax and party a bit!

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