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Matt Moore!

I kid (sort of)...but seriously, it's like he has dropped off the face of the earth. I don't even see his name mentioned as a remote possibility to be brought back. I think Rivera should at least talk with him.

The Old Wooden Ship

What about Matt Moore? Is it a given that they will not bring him back? I think we should take a hard look at Bulger, Hasselbeck, Gradkowski and JT O'Sullivan. Out of those choices I think Gradkowski makes the most sense for us.


Kalil isnt even a franchise talent!!! Hes a good backup at best!!!

Dug E Fresh

JD, Kahlil is a top center (though not a franchise C) and the Panthers do not want to lose him. The team was not going to let him walk.
As for obtaining a veteran QB, it depends on whether the Cats want someone over 30 or someone with experience still in their 20's. In the Latter, Gradkowski, Seneca Wallace & Tyler Thigpen stand out. If you're looking at over 30, then consider Billy Volek, Chad Pennington, or Marc Bulger...Personally, I would love to have the strong-armed Dennis Dixon under Center.

B Dub

QB will be Carson Palmer for a year.


Kalil can be replaced more easily than Charles Johnson, but Johnson isn't worth the outrageous salaries that the top 5 guys average.


I dont know why everyone all of sudden believes Jerry is cheap, he only got that way recently because of the looming lockout. His history shows he is more than willing to spend when the situation calls for it. People need to lay off the kool-aid.


Williams should have gotten the Tag. He is far more dynamic that Stewart and Goodsen. Kalil is much easier replaced and he is not worth $10 million for one season. A CENTER behing paid $10 million? Come on Panthers Brain Trust, are you serious? You can not replace what Williams, when healthy, brings to the offense. So what if Williams has been injured, every player gets injured at some point (yes, Bret Farve was the exception). Johnson has only put up solid #'s for 1 season and is not worth the tag either.


Williams jersey was on the clearance rack at the stadium during the last home game. This was decided months ago.


I can't wait till than I have a few people I want to ivtnie so if there is limited space please let me know and is there going to be a cost or do we need to bring something with us?

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