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Tom it is always about the money. That's what the percentages is about. More money for someone. That it will be worked out is not in questions. It's when it will be worked out that is. It this point I really don't care on way or another if a millionaire gets more or if a billionaire keeps more. I'm getting to the point where it's not important to me. If they play I'll watch. If not I won't. That simple.


I don't know if nothing has been reasonable. For example the owners want a rookie cap. The players made a reasonable sounding offer. The owners rejected it with no counter offer.

The owners want more. More money, more games. They don't want to give. And what kills me is the working class people that will get on here and take the owners side. If the owners were paying their salaries they'd be looking for a way to cut them as well.

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