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dam i fell really bad for felton, made what a year for him, go tony from charlotte now ship to cold azz colorado, talk about a crazy year, i want to know tom, is there a slight chance at all that we can get a deron williams or paul next year when they become free agent, do you think mj can pitch this city to them, if willaims can play in utah then why not play in charlotte??

down on nba

I just want to have hope that Charlotte (or any small market team) can compete. If these players only want to play for one of like 5 teams its going to ruin the NBA for me. Right now I have very little hope for Charlotte, cleveland, memphis, etc. The NFL has that part right at least, every team has hope



Has there been talk of the NBA adding a "Franchise Tag" for each team. I think if they don't give the smaller markets the ability to keep bigtime talent the NBA is going to be 4 or 6 teams of interest. That can't be the best solution.


@callingitlikeiseeit I think the Bobcats can get Paul if anybody. He is from the area. MJ got to persuade him though. Get rid of Jackson and Diaw and get serviceable players.


continuing what they gave up is ... "Anthony Randolph, Eddy Curry's expiring contract, their own first round pick in 2014, Golden State's second round picks in 2012 and 2013, and $3 million in cash" - they also receive Corey Brewer in the deal.

I don't buy that giving up 80% of your starting roster to get Anthony and getting aging once-greats (esp. in Billups who strongly wanted to stay/retire in Denver) is a great plan (for this year). It may work out in future years but this seems like a way to make sure you got "a deal" for Anthony vs. getting a "good deal" with Anthony included.

And I don't know that they did themselves any favors on defense. And in the East, defense seems like the asset that helped the Pistons in the past, helps the Celtics today and I think you'll need a lot of D to match up with Orlando and Miami.

My guess is that this was more about ego and less about due diligence or even short and long term planning. The only thing this deal did IMO was make sure that James Dolan (and possibly Isaiah Thomas) look better to NY fans in the near term.


Bobcats will not get Paul, ever! Williams won't be here either. The only way we get a "superstar" is if we draft one! I hate it for Felton too! I agree he doesn't seem to be the type to "flit" around either. Like they all say, "this is a business"!


It's hard to feel bad for Felton when he turned down a better contract from the Bobcats in the summer of 2009 than he got from NY. The Knicks let him know he wasn't their long-term solution at PG by signing him to a 2-year deal last summer. The reality is that he'll probably get traded again since Ty Lawson is the PG of the future in Denver. I do wish him the best and hope he lands somewhere where he can be a contributor on a good team. Actually, I wouldn't mind Denver sending him back to the 'Cats. Stranger things have happened.

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