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The only buzz regarding Morrison after the draft was when he finally cut off all of his hair. Don't trust the Bobcats to draft. Morrison, May, DJ over Lopez, Ajinca? Enough said.

Your Mom

Enough about previous drafts...what do you want Jordan to do? Go back into time and change the picks? Talk about something else, like who may or may not be available with our extra picks the next two years or through Free Agency...otherwise STFU

Your Mom

MJ does not have time to talk to a DB like you Tom, your so edgy with your negative Bobcats and Panthers articles..LOL You are the epitome of a DB...


Yeah marquee free agents are waiting in line to get to Charlotte.......

Another team comes to mind when I think about this. The New Jersey Nets. The team had money from here to Mexico and the best they got was Jordan Farmar and Travis Outlaw in the offseason. It took a last second trade to get D. Williams but before that, they were in major trouble. What makes MJ think the same thing won't happen to us? Tons of money, with nobody to pay it to.........

Space Cowboy

Tom I am yet to hear a positive thing about the Bobcats from you. Sorry they aren't the hornets christ



What makes you think "anyone" in the Bobcats organization will grant you an interview if you don't even follow this team. You write 1 negative article evry other year. Do you really think they care about what you need to say. You are a joke, is funny how you get paid for that.


What's up with Charlotte and this legacy of stingy, tight-fisted, only interested in their bottom line at the expense of the fans pro team owners who aren't willing to pay to keep good talent? First George Shinn and Bob Johnson and now Jerry Richardson and Michael Jordan. As a small market city, Charlotte will never keep top talent without ponying up the cash that players can command.


Tom you're so true. That's right, what about that Playoff prediction? I guess they meant in 3 more years...maybe. The east is now incredibly scary. Stoudamire, Melo, D. Williams, and of course the big 3 in Miami.


Tom. You ar an idiot. How many times has Jerry Richardson spoken in the last ten years? Was Paul Allen at the podium in Portland? MJ talking to you would be a complete waste of time. It was a good trade for e Bobcats.. Don't let your hurt feelings over not getting an interview with MJ cloud your judgement. The interview only helps you not him. Of course he will spend money. You think he sits court side every game to watch his team lose? By the way, until they made moves like this he could not spend money. Ever heard of the salary cap? Go back to whatever it is you do and stop talking about the Bobcats. Tom Sorenson. Off beat and biting. No one takes you seriously.


We are going to be okay Tom, and we will in it all in OUR life time. PS, I'm even older than you! Go ---Cats, and I hope some day soon we'll be known as the "Carolina Cougars". The guys did a great job against Sacramento under difficult circumstances. MJ will have his day.

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