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If the kid wants to leave ...let him leave....you guys are acting like this is the navy or army....maybe he just thought roy williams is a jerk!!

Big deal....he is not quiting....he is just being smart


Scott, you must be a State fan, because otherwise you'd have to be an idiot to think somebody ought to quit a job in the middle of it. Drew simply thinks he's better than he is and is pouting about now being a 2nd teamer.


Or maybe, like so many before him, he couldn't stand being coached another minute by Deputy Dawg. At some point you'll have to stop pointing fingers at the mid-season transfers and start questioning the coaching staff that drove them away.


Good Riddance. He and his father think he is better than he really is. This will just give Marshall more playing time and will only help the program in the long run.


It was an objectively bad decision. Quitting is the easy way out of life's problems, and should be something parents strive to teach their children not to do. However, I do feel sad for the kid now that he has done this.


Anyone who says that you should point fingers at the coaching staff is simply myopic in their dislike for Carolina. Roy Williams stuck with LDII far longer than any other coach in the country would have. He gave the young man every opportunity to succeed, but had to pull the trigger on replacing him after the lost at GT. If you read the article on insidecarolina.com you will see that Drew's mother is constantly trying to get involved in the decisions of her son's coaches. She was upset that Roy even talked to John Wall after ther 2009 season. These guys need to start living their own lives, and let their parents be parents. At the very least he could have informed Coach Williams that he was leaving. That is childish. When I was a junior at UNC, I certainly could have been man enough to let a boss or coach know that I was going a different direction.

It is a shame, but just because he was not good enough to start was not an adequate reason to QUIT.


The kid and his parents are complete and utter head cases and Roy should never have offered him a scholarship in the first place.

I feel very sorry for whatever coach of the mid-level program accepts his transfer, because he just inherited 2 more assistant coaches along with a mediocre at best point guard.


Drew can probably write off the NBA. No team needs a quitter!


I say if the guy wants to quit that's his right. It's a long season and if he's not happy he should leave.


Reagardless of which team you pull for in the ACC there is no excuse for being a quitter, nobody should back this kid with ridiculous assumptions it had to do with the Basketball program....


For all you guys saying he should have or its his God given right to quit...........Yo must be quitters in life also.......


For the last time- a 20+ year old in no "kid", and neither are any other NCAA level players/students.




If a player is unhappy, he should play out the season and transfer. Quitting in the middle of the season is exactly that - quitting. Any other school that picks him up should be advised they are taking up roster space with a quitter.

Sounds a little like the Damien Wilkins situation at State a few years ago. Wilkins thought he was a lot better than he actually was, and had NBA connections in his family (Dominique, Gerald) pushing him to declare for the NBA. After finding out he was not going to be drafted, he spent two more years at Georgia and still wasn't drafted. But at least Damien didn't quit in the middle of a season, or let his momma or daddy tell the coach he was leaving.


the guy wins nothing here. if he wanted to transfer, cool....do it at the end of the year. he signed up to play this year. if he had transferred before the season he could have been replaced or atleast strickland could have been better groomed and marshall more experienced. it's just a B- move to do this now. no excuses.

and he's going to have a hard time finding a solid team to take him on for 1 year.

comparing to damien wilkins is a little off because sendek's offense was too team oriented for a go-to 1 on 1 style guy like damien's game was. he didn't fit at NC state and never should have gone there. not to mention the georgia ties....he should have been there to begin with. larry drew just had one of those going gets tough......quit, moments.



Drew is a career back up PG. where ever he goes he will come off the bench. he should know this by now


Drew II should have been man enough to walk into Coach Williams' office and tell him he was leaving. When I was an athlete in college I made the decision to transfer after my sophomore season and I told my coach in a meeting in his office, man to man. The way Larry and the Wear twins have handled their situations were both very disappointing to me.


Actually, Drew leaving will probably help the chemistry at Carolina.

chris hutchins

@Hornetzfan- You have to be Dook fan. How could it be the coaching staffs fault?? Speaking of pointing fingers, I was thinking the same thing with all of the Dook transfers as well. Brian Burgess, Mike Chappell, Olek Czyz, Elliot Williams, Eric Boateng, Billy McCaffery, Jamal Boykin, Taylor King just to name a few. I don`t guess that has anything to do with the coaching staff does it?? Drew is a quitter and was given every chance to prove his worth and didn`t. Good riddance to him and his 3 points and 8 to`s a game.


Many of these players get things in their heads and it shows in their play on the court. It's not surprising, given the heat of the spotlight they are under, especially at Carolina. How they deal with it often says more about them than their athletic ability. Drew II never dealt with the pressure very well. So, he'll try to resurrect something somewhere with hopes of salvaging a career. All about "me", not about "team"...the ones that suffer for it. Which, of course, is why he bolted without facing anyone...


Wow - As a Kansas alum, I can say Im not a Roy Williams apologist. That said, to say this has anything to do with Roy Williams or the UNC coaching staff is simply wrong. This is a kid that quit and that quitting was supported by his family. Yikes!! While the temptation to quit when thing get tough is certainly a demon for kids, I expect more from their parents...especially parents that are competitors (so I thought) and understand how important sticktuitivenes and pereverance is to success in athletics. Im not sure who to be more disappointed in - I or II - in that dad let his son abdicate his responsibility to his team. Shame on them both!

R. Grim

When the going gets tough the Drew's run and hide. I hope the ATL Hawks are watching this. Will Drew Sr. quit if ATL doesn't get the #3 seed?


It seems to me his father is the jerk. The Carolina coaching staff knows how to handle things. The pros. are different - an example is his father - however, Drew II's future seems dismal courtesy of his father. His father should have known better.




I think this is less about Carolina basketball and more about the state of College basketball. Players are different these days. Many have dreams of NBA stardom, when really they are college players at best. Then they get to their school thinking that they are going to be a star like they were in high school and don't have the patience to learn. What is sad is that many don't even really know how to play basketball, instead just getting by on their athleticism. This is happening all over the country right now. There is an epidemic of "All About Me" syndrome that needs to be snuffed out. It all starts with parents not filling their head full of crap.

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