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Bye Bye

YES, let the drama queen go. It is not about the TEAM with him, it is all about him. Isn't it about time for him to deck another teammate?

Derrick Hensley

Steve plays with heart and desire! I would hate to see him go. The team would not be the same for all the wrong reasons. He has been one of the greatest sources of hope and excitement something hard to find for panther fans through the years. I am a loyal fan have been since the beginning, Smith is my favorite player. I hope one day to pass his statue outside the stadium.

I agree that he has not had the opportunity to shine the way he could have with other teams, but instead of waiting... for another great playmaker and season in the by and by as we rebuild-lets spend some money and make great picks and make his last several years memorable for all.

Steve please stay!!!
Admin do not even think of trading him!!!
Give us loyal fans something


Steve's house is up for sale...just in case a trade is made...smart move in today's struggling housing market.
If we could get a high second round pick, then I say go for the trade but that would mean drafting AJ Green because you cannot depend on the Lefell's, Gettis's etc. as a # 1 go to guy. It all comes down to QB. If we get a REAL NFL QB, then I would like to see Panthers keep Smith, draft AJ Green which would take all the pressure off of Smith. The Panthers with a formidable QB and a healthy offensive line, two solid receivers and a very good running back tandem would make a Solid Offensive Combination. They would put points on the board. In order to get a QB, they may have to give up either Stewart and/or Williams. Although it may be worth seeing who gets waived after the Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached. Big If, although I believe both players and owners will not want to sit idle for a season.


Lets face it, Steve has lost a step and is out of sync (since Delhomme's last 2 yrs), not to mention fumbling a lot.
It is unlikley any team will trade for an aging 5'9" receiver, so as much as I would love for him to stay with the Panthers they should make a 3rd down reciever(wes welker) or cut him loose. Go Panthers-We're No. 1


Smith is going no where. These writers are stirring up NOTHING. Smith is happy, has met with the new coaching staff and actually recommeneded the Graves hire. Smith is a Panther for at least 2 more years, as his contract idicates.




If you had been paying attention you would know that the fact that Smith's house is up for sale doesn't necessarily indicate anything. He has changed houses several times since he came to Charlotte. Besides, he is under contract for two more years! Fowler, Sorensen and the trolls who jump on the latest bandwagon coming along are the only ones stirring up this notion anyway. Steve Smith has not made any statement to the effect that he wanted to leave.

Besides, he is still the biggest playmaker we have and when Rivera and Chudzinski get the offense re-energized, Smith will be making big plays again!!


Trading Smith would be much worse than any decision made all last season. You would not get anything of value for him. He is nearing the end of his career and only valuable to us. In two years he will probably play one more year for a team that refuses to start him and then he will retire. Really stupid even to consider it but, I guess it will be a good way to tell where we are headed this next season. If we trade Smith I am sure more stupid decisions will follow. Like drafting Fairley number one.

John in Concord

just added Ricky Prohl as an assistant.


The Panthers would be the stupidiest team ever if Smitty leaves the Panthers. I dont care what you say about the man: drama queen, all about himself, or anything else, Smitty is down for the Panthers. We need him. If he go, I will go. I been down with them since....forever.


What the heck don't go Steve, Youre the man. You guys are haters nobody plays with more heart than Steve Smith, he's one of the best receivers in the league. Find somebody who can get him the ball and we'll all be happy.


where is this hype from? Gamble is NOT a very good CB. That is a myth that people who love Ohio State and/or people who like "quiet players who do not cause trouble" have hung on Gamble. He has been burned so many times and has not wrapped-up on so many tackles and perhaps has dropped as many INT's as he has caught. He is servicable. Period. And it has taken him 9 years to just get to that point. He now has experience, and is lined-up against players who have been in the league less year usually so he does not look AS inept. Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.


On Gamble it's hard to compare people directly but if you look at the stats he compares fairly well to all but the most elite. He is better than serviceable but he will never be elite.


You can't even trade him until the new league year begins Tom!! You Jackwagon!!


You can't trade Steve Smith until there is a new CBA. Trade deadline last October was the last point at which a trade could take place - until the start of the new season, which will not occur until there is a new CBA.


Wrong SM.


SM is right, you can't trade him unless there is a new CBA. Tom, as a sports writer you should really know such a basic fact as that.
#89 should be traded now (if possible with new CBA) IMO for two reasons. #1 His stock will never be higher as his numbers will continue to decrease with age and poor QB play. #2 You have the opportunity to draft a WR who would instantly be one of the top 5 WRs in the pros. AJ Green is the only player worthy of the #1 pick as Fairley is a one year wonder and has work ethic questions (besides DT is deep in this draft) and Peterson's coverage skills are not elite.

If there is a new CBA, Belichick will give us back our #33 pick for Smitty. Guaranteed. They need a WR and he would flourish under Brady. We draft Green then a DT with #33. Another wild card is if Rivera decides to stick with Clausen this will prompt many a off color comment from Smitty who doesn't like Clausen. I say, trade him if you can and draft Green. Thanks Smitty but change is good.


You guys are bigger losers than he is LOL..

Pat Daddy

Hopefully we get a real QB that can actually throw him the ball. Jenny Clausen sucks and couldn't lead boy scouts putting up tents. Smitty will be happy when the ball is coming his way. GO PANTHERS

Jake Delhome

Seriously? Letting Steve go would be an even bigger mistake than letting me go. I may have not been the best my last year but I could get the ball to #89; and yes, an offense led by me looked far better than 1 ran by anyone else.

Hater Hater

Hopefully Steve will retire a Panther, I don't want to see him go, he is still a good player just needs a QB that can throw the ball to him is all. A QG is what Panthers need at most, that will lead and motivate the rest of the team to play harder. Clausen is not the answer just as Chris Weinke was not in the past. Anderw Luck is staying at Stanford to stay away from Carolina. They have not even considered picking Cam Newton??Why just like we gave up a chance to hire Michael Vick for cheap!!! It would have made all the diff. if Vick was here I guarantee with all that young talent and Steve. I don't know what kinds of decisions management is making for the Panthers but they don't seem to be very smart, letting Peppers go either. We need him back here!


Steve Smith deserves much, much more than what has become the Jerry Richardson project.....

NFL's lowest active payroll.

NFL's worst team.

Let Steve go!

Major Minor

Maybe we can get Aaron Rodgers and four first round draft picks! Seriously though, I want 89 to stay a Panther unless he doesn't want to be.


Hey Steve, apparantly their are some who think you have nothing left in the tank, including all the observer writers. Time to prove them wrong. Again.


Excuse me...who was the "real" NFL quarterback who was under center when Steve Smith amassed his amazing stats in his stellar career. None other than Jake Delhomme. Hello, during the Cleveland/Panthers game, they put up a graphic showing Smith's production with Jake Delhomme under center and his production with someone other than Delhomme. Less than half the production without Jake. 'Nuff said! You can't blame Steve's lack of production on him. If the QB can't get the ball to him, what do you expect him to do? People, at least try to be reasonable. And if Steve goes, it will take YEARS for the Panthers to be a respectable team again. He is really the only "name" on the Panthers. I'd hate to lose him. I love his heart!

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