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doe snot... nice

F Tom

And the point of this was???

Listen up hack, write something of value or give that space to some 1st year on the job newbie. You long ago wore out your welcome in Charlotte, MOVE ON.


Why is doe snot being mentioned in a sports related article?

Nosebleed fan

Ticket prices are too darn high. That's why people don't go to sporting events anymore.


FT: The point was for him to share his concise, reactionary analysis. Welcome to the internet; it's called a blog.

Jimmest Fredetter

Great job, internet!

But I couldn't agree more. There is nothing like March Madness.

unions must go

Why are more people watching sporting or racing events on tv these recessionary depressionary years?

Could it be TV cables bills are going thru the roof plus you cant just put up an antenna on the roof or rabbit ears as you know due to the rigged FCC outlaw of non-digital tv?

Why are cable tv bills so outrageous and getting higher and higher?

Because you have been hooked by cable tv companies forced to charge ever increasing rates for all these mostly pro sporting events such as NFL NBA MLB.

You dont have to buy tickets or PSLs. You are paying thru the nose to watch this stuff on cable tv not to mention paying more and more for gas, food, clothing, insurance, cars, taxes etc etc ...

These damn greedy unions are soaking the masses. Owners have to charge more that in turn hits the tv cable and affects all products in America who advertise.

Its pure economics.

Time to END pro sports altogether. Everything has to come to an end. Nothing is forever. The greedy players union give a damn about fans or anything but more millions for themselves. YOU are being soaked. Owners are on the brink.

Stop giving the union scum credit for anything. They are gluttons cocky arrogant and taken all humility and dignity out of pro sports in the modern age with their covered with tattooed players and ragged looking dred locks and many with crimes. Its all gone downhill bigtime.

Pro sports is almost at the end. Owners who sacrifice it all to run a business that is out of hand and getting worse can always buy into other more profitable business ventures.
Richardson made twice what he did owning Dennys Restaurants as this NFL trash. Its the same in every city.

The end is near for pro sports. Players will be dealing drugs or smokin crack on the street corners soon broke as hell. Good. What goes around comes around.

Maybe when its all over it will ultimately be cleansed and purified and reorganized. Outlaw the unions. These are not all the best players in pro sports anyway as they want to believe. They are full of BS. 80-90% of quality players skip the pros anyway. Time to hire them at lower salaries. Ditch the greedy union and their player thugs.



Tom, not sure I follow the logic. You begin by pointing to the empty seats at hoops. And conclude by contrasting the tourney to football. Every bowl game that I was familiar with was sold out with lots of people seeking scalpers. By your criteria, filled seats, grassy fields is beating the hardwood.


Paul, you're just wrong.

Sugar Bowl-97% attendance(yup, couldn't sell out a BCS BOWL!!!)
Capital One-88%
Hawaii-87% (despite Hawaii playing in the game!)
New Mexico-84%
Champs Sports-70%
Little Caesar's-50%
Beef O'Brady's-50%
New Orleans-40% (!!!)

I could pretend to be impressed, but I don't see a sellout there.


Procton, where the heck do you find stats like those. Or did you spend valuable time compiling that yourself?
The only worthwhile thought that came to mind reading the "article" though, is that the NCAA and the ACC (tournament) as well, need to reevaluate charging the same amount for a book of tickets whether you're in nosebleed territory or courtside. Maybe it used to work, but it doesn't any more.


Can you imagine how much fun a college football playoff would be. Just think of the stunning upsets. Maybe in my next life.

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