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I'm still on "Sydney," Tom. You took a literary dump with that Sidney Lowe post the other day, arguing that Lowe was a poopy coach.


Well it's obvious that MOST fans DON'T want Newton and to avoid an ALready hostile fanbase the F.O. better go defense or we'll be getting ANOTHER coach and QB in 2-3 yrs ,because if Newton bust's he will be shown the boo-birds so fast it will make his Shreck ears curl...This is Hurney's last GM job as well if he misses this pick...Sooo add up the factors = NO NEWTON!


Tom, I can't figure out who you are more in love with, Newton, John Daly, or yourself. It's also kind of sick how you relish people hating your opinion. I think it's all a defense mechanism and deflects the hurt you feel when people make fun of your slicked back hair.


plenum of venom ?


It's an AUBURN thing.... the school turns out busts....Ronnie Brown is a shinning example....


Cam would be better off anyway in a progressive! social climate anyway and that way he can avoid the people that live here whom hate him simply because he's black! and will make more $ than them or their grandfathers ever dreamed of....I know that really hurts you racist! jerks doesn't.
long live!!! CAM!! be it here! or wherever he ends up.

Jimmy Clausen

Panthers would be wise not to pick came!


He might have a larger salary his first few years than any white person or their grandfather ever dreamed of, but I can assure you when Cam Newton is 30 years old and out of the league he will have a pretty similar bank account to what you probably have. Which I'm guessing hovers around $0. A large number of NFL players end up bankrupt after their playing days. Especially guys who are known criminals and have questionable ethics. A lot of these players think buying $150,000 cars and paying for their homeboys lifestyles is a sound investment. Believe it or not, it isn't.

Jason Kuda

I just hope for one second you all can sit back and realize QB's win Super Bowl's. Quit viewing Cam Newton as the next black QB who will be a bust. He will be great! You all need to get on the bandwagon now, Before it leaves the station.


it amazing how racist charlotte fans are, want even give this guy a chance, but tell me this how many of u truly believe clausen is better than cam, in your heart you know its not true,
but you can not get over this man skin color, sad i really hope they pick a bust and cam go somewhere else and be a star


I just want to know why there are no stories on Gabbert since it's his pro day today and all. I mean there was huge fanfare for Newton's. You guys even drove down there and announced your grand road trip. Just because you're enamored with a player, doesn't mean you should eschew your job and fail to even mention other players.

Cosmo Walker

Webmaster, are you there?

easy to hate

draft cam! hi haters


I feel less intelligent after reading both the comments and Tom's post.

Miss W.D.C.

Clausen didnt get good blocking

Maybe you should take care of THAT problem instead of drafting every fricken QB available. It doesn't matter who the QB is, If there's no blocking and no receivers and no running game you are going to SUCK!

cary nc

"I feel less intelligent after reading both the comments and Tom's post.
Posted by: Mack | March 17, 2011 at 01:45 PM"

U were prob not intelligent in the first place. Cant lose what you never had.

the real james

Wow, some of these fans are crazy about drafting Cam Newton. Are you angry that the Panthers didn't hire you on their coaching staff? You should be angry, because you have obviously looked beyond what you read in the media and have personally delved deeper into the background and phyche of Newton. You have spent countless hours studying game tape and interviewing his family, friends, former coaches, teammates etc. in an attempt to find out what Cam Newton is all about. I'll wait while you catch up to the sarcasm, oh wise and informed one...

All caught up? Okay, I'll continue.

It's always okay to have your own opinion, but slamming a guy because you read a few articles that paint him in a negative light is probably not the wisest position to take. I am personally excited that the Panthers have the opportunity (with a new coaching staff!) to draft the player that they feel is the best for them. If it happens to be Cam, or Gabbert, or Peterson, et all then I only hope that the coaching staff has done their homework as diligently as they appear to have been.

Just think about this, if you were in the spotlight and everyone and their mother had the opportunity to dig up every one of your dirty little deeds, how would you appear to the people who do not know you? Instead of taking such a strong stance for or against a man, you could try to trust in your new coaches a little more to make the best decision for this team. If you hold such a strong opinion about someone you have never met, then I am glad that Panthers didn't seek out your advice.

You choose to only look at the negatives, and to ignore the positives. What on earth is the source of your bias?


Claussen or Cam is not the answer. Has nothing to do with Cam's past or his color of skin. He will be a project because he is not anywhere near NFL ready. Yes he is very athletic and has a strong arm. But it takes much more than that to turn into a franchise QB. I've seen nothing from Cam Newton that shows he can be that kind of NFL QB. I really hope Panthers take the best player in the draft. That would be Peterson from LSU.

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